Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 10 – Discuss your first love & first kiss

This question is quite a memory jogger. My first kiss was sooo many years ago..I was 11 or 12, maybe. A boy my dad thought was a ‘good kid’. He probably was – it was a long time ago and honestly, not as special as I would have liked or for that matter, one I remember vividly. I don’t remember where we were or how it happened…
My first love…again, it’s not an amazing flashback like they have in movies. It was a ‘normal, awkward – I’m 15, I really believe we’ll get married and have lots of children’ kind of love. He was almost 2 years older than me, went to a different school, had a license and a car and was an amazing kisser.
I loved talking to him for hours on the phone and spending hours together watching movies…or making out.. We were together almost a year, which in teenage time is an eternity! HA!
It was a regular teenage relationship and when it was over, I was heartbroken. I remember talking to him before I left to go babysit one evening. He said, I have to talk to you. I knew what was going to happen and I said, just tell me. He said he had to go to his dad’s & he would call me later.
I cried so hard and brought my friend Val with me to babysit. I was heartbroken and knew what was going to happen. He was going to break my heart without a doubt.
By the end of the night, I had cried a lot and Val was a great friend and listened and made me laugh.
He never called me that night. As a matter of fact, it was two days later and by then, I was already over what was going to happen. When he told me it was just too hard because he was turning 17 and could go out whenever he wanted and blah, blah, blah - I didn’t even shed a tear. I simply listened to his excuses and said good-bye.
I was proud of myself for never letting him know how he broke my heart.
I’m too proud (stubborn?) to let someone else win and so until Dennis, I never deeply cared for anyone else I dated. I liked the other guys I dated…enjoyed my time with them but made sure to never give my whole heart again. A little bitter – probably – thankfully I’m happy with how my life has turned out.

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