Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 14 – Your earliest memory

Sometimes when I look at pictures, I remember what was happening during those pictures. When I’m not looking at the pictures, but I have a memory – I wonder if it’s a true memory or a picture I’m remembering.

That being said, I think I remember when I was 3 yrs old, sitting on my dad’s shoulders in the hallway of my gramma’s house. I was wearing a yellow dress. But there is also a picture of this moment, so I’m never sure if I actually remember this or I think I remember it.
I do have a very clear memory of sitting with my mom & dad on the couch – I must have been 3ish & my dad is wearing his Bi-State Ford uniform shirt. I always called him ‘Honey’ instead of ‘dad’ b/c I was an only child at that point & that is what my mom called him. I remember running my finger of the patch that said ‘Bi-State Ford Trucks’ and saying it aloud. Then running my finger over the patch w/his name but saying ‘Honey’ instead. I remember my parents laughing. It’s a good memory…

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