Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 4 – Your views on Religion

Dennis & I were both born and raised Catholic. My parents & grandparents were Catholic. I was baptized, made my 1st Communion, my Confirmation, was married in the Catholic Church, was given the sacrament of the sick when I was in the hospital with my blood clots and have had both girls baptized.

We attended Mass every Saturday or Sunday – Dennis went to Catholic school his whole life. I went for K & 1st grade.

A few years ago, I yearned for more. I wanted to be closer to God and learn more. I had a hard time learning at the Catholic Church. No matter how hard I tried – I just couldn’t pay attention.
We attended Cedar Creek when my sister praised it. I loved it right away. Dennis took a little longer – but he came around & also enjoys it. We both volunteered for the Church – me as in the Welcome Center & office – Dennis at the car care clinic.

While both girls have been baptized Catholic, I have had them Dedicated as well at Cedar Creek. If either or both girls prefer to be Catholic when they are adults (or even before), they will have made their sacraments and during CCD classes, will learn more about the Catholic religion. They can attend Church with my grandma or his mom if they choose, but I want to make sure I don’t hold them back from whatever will help them become closer to God.

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