Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 6 – Thirty interesting facts about me..

1. I am addicted to chapstick – but only the menthol kind
2. I lived in Albuquerque, NM when I was 4 for almost a year
3. I had 8 blood clots in my left leg, the longest was 2 ft long, when I was pregnant w/Cadence
4. I lived in FL for 2 yrs from 00-02
5. For our honeymoon, we drove to Sanibel Island, FL, then Arcadia, Fl, then Daytona Beach, FL, then Blue Ridge Mountains, NC, then Washington, DC, then NYC, NY, then Buffalo, NY. It took us 2 wks. We loved it!
6. I saw MC Hammer in concert when I was 11
7. I flew on a Delta flight from Detroit, MI to Ft. Myers, FL by myself when I was 6 (what was my mother thinking?!)
8. I went to Disney World & Sea World w/my great-grandparents when I was 6
9. I wanted to grow up to be Daisy Duke when I was younger
10. I used to call my dad, Honey instead of dad b/c that’s what my mom called him
11. I got suspended for the first time in my whole life on my b/day my senior year – that vice principal was evil!
12. My favorite pizza topping is black olives
13. I’m learning to speak & write in Mohawk – which is VERY difficult and after a few weeks, can only say about 5 words properly!
14. I’m fairly certain my cousin Aaron saved my life (or at least saved me from horrible injuries) when we were about 10. I was falling down a mountainside & he caught me
15. 5 is my favorite #
16. I’ve never broken any bones or had any stitches (knock on wood!) – but I did have 12 staples when my hernia was repaired
17. I (thankfully) never had to wear braces
18. I saw NKOTB when I was 12 & again when I was 32
19. I prefer dark cloudy days over sunny ones
20. I fostered 102 dogs in about a year
21. I worked at an ENT office while we lived in Fl – it was the best job I’ve EVER had!
22. I’m Irish, German & Mohawk Indian
23. The first time I got pregnant I was 23 & miscarried @ 12 wks
24. My heart went into a-fib on New Year’s Eve 2010
25. However, after stress tests, echos & nuclear tests – I was told I have the heart of a 20 yr old
26. I don’t like any sports…
27. I’m germophobic & the older I get – the worse it gets
28. I hate the smell of pencils
29. I miss Whitney horribly & think of her almost every day
30. I’m terrified of riding a motorcycle

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