Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 8 – A moment you felt most satisfied with your life

I cannot pinpoint one, single moment when I was most satisfied with my life. I was satisfied when I finally graduated Lake (to be out of there was an amazing feeling!), again when I started at Shawnee State University (I was a college girl!), again when Dennis & I moved in together (this was serious!), when we married (finally, after SEVEN LONG YEARS!), at the birth of our children (I’d been praying for them for so long)…I don’t think I can say one was when I was most satisfied.

Each moment has been wonderful, but AFTER the satisfying feeling, “wow, I’m married…now I want kids..had I want to watch them grow and learn things”…each time I feel satisfied, I crave the next satisfaction.

I can truly say, I love my life. I think my most satisfying moment is yet to come..when I’m in my late 90’s and surrounded by my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren – then I’ll be satisfied.

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