Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 24 – Your favorite movie & what it’s about

My favorite movie is: Hope Floats

Wikipedia description:
Birdee (Sandra Bullock) is an unassuming housewife whose life is disrupted when her husband (Michael Pare) reveals his infidelity to her on a Ricki Lake-style talk show. She goes home to her mother and the small town in which she grew up where everyone knows of her televised marital collapse. Things only get worse as a family tragedy brings her ex-husband back for an official divorce. Meanwhile an old friend, Justin (Harry Connick Jr.), has entered her life, sparking a romance. While Justin's intentions are clear and good, Birdee struggles with the decision to let him fully into her life.

I love the movie - I really don't know why. I mean, Harry Connick Jr. helps - hehe), but really, I love the story all around.

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