Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Christmas 2008

After a few phone calls from my friends, I'm finally getting around to updating the blog. It's been a little delay - things have been super busy.
This will be a Christmas update - I promise in the next 2 wks to get on & really update!
On Christmas Eve, I went to Amy's house to pick up the kittens. I brought them home & put them in their carrier for the nite, didn't want Cadence to get up in the middle of the nite & see them running around!
Getting Cadence to fall asleep was a JOKE. She was excited about Santa and getting gifts and she was seriously running on exhaustion.
We finally got her to sleep but it was almost 1 am. I fell asleep and so did Dennis. Thankfully, I woke up an hour later and reluctantly drug myself out of bed, trying to get Dennis to join me, so that we could finish wrapping gifts - yes, we were not done w/gift wrapping.
I sat on the couch - 1/2 asleep and wrapped and wrapped and wrapped. At 2:45, I finished up, cleaned up and fell into bed.
Unfortunately, I woke up at 8 when the alarm went off for Dennis to start the turkey. He woke up and started panicking about getting the gifts wrapped, to which I pleasantly (ok, so it really was pleasant) replied, I did it by myself at 2 am - don't worry.
I laid in bed for a few mins trying to fall back to sleep and decided to get up & fold laundry. I didn't want to wake up Cadence b/c I didn't want her to be crabby.
She finally woke up about 9. I went into the bedroom and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus (my mom used to do it w/us & I need her to know that Christmas isn't really about presents, so besides the stories, I thought at 3 yrs old, this is a good way to know it's not ALL about HER) and off we went to the living room.
She was excited and started opening gifts. Strawberry Shortcake dvd's, a Lighting McQueen car and Strawberry Shortcake house were among her favorites.
When she was all done, I handed her the stocking to look through & headed into the laundry room to set the kittens in a pre-wrapped box.
I carried them out & told her to open the box. After a little confusion, she opened it and saw the kittens! She was so excited, she pulled them each out and gave them BIG hugs. As she pulled out Lola, she got scratched - she didn't like that and tossed Lola back in the box. I was quick to point out that they were babies, she had to be careful.
She was having a hard time saying Noah & Lola, so Noah is now Hudson (Doc Hudson from Cars). She loves them dearly & tortures, I mean loves on them all the time.
In 2 wks the little babies will be getting fixed & declawed. I can't wait! I'm sick of them climbing up my couch & my runner w/those claws!!!
Since Christmas things have been a little busy, but evenly so. I'll give more updates soon - I promise. I probably won't be back on til 2/10 (I know - weird to know when I'll post again), but it will be a good post & have pictures!!
Til then - fellow Ohioans - enjoy the snow!