Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Can’t think of a good title!

One of the things that I've done while off work is go through the clothes I've rec'd as gifts & from Cadence & from friends. I've washed them all & folded & put them away. That was a lot of work :)

Below are the 2 outfits I have it numbered down to that I would like to bring B home in...
This outfit was a gift from my baby shower


This outfit is from my friend Lynn that left CSE & moved over to Midwest - miss her! but this outfit is so cute!


And as anyone here in Toledo knows, the weather has been pretty jacked up this year. Sometimes it's humid & hot - other times it's a little on the cool side - so if it's cool - this is the outfit we'll be coming home in...


Feel free to comment or email me & let me know which of the 2 top outfits you like best...this will also be the outfit she gets her hospital picture taken in :)

So Sunday nite, Cadence crashed EARLY - it was about 8 when I realized I hadn't heard from her in a bit...this is what we found upon you can see - coloring is a rough sport!


The little princess slept through the nite!


Monday I had to get my blood drawn for my PPT (I've switched to heparin & this is how the figure out if my blood is too thick too thin) & for anyone that has rolling veins, you know what a pain it is to get your blood drawn.
I've been fortunate enough to find someone at St. V's that's REALLY good! She always get the vein & I never feel the needle go in. So when it was time for the draw, I went over to St. V's. It was PACKED! I was dissapointed when I got called back & she wasn't working. I mentioned to the woman about to do the draw that they were pretty busy (I had waited over an hour!) & she said, yea, I'm not usually down here...
I should have taken that as hint #1!
Instead I said, oh...
She's feeling my arms & says, where do they usually draw?
I turned my right arm slightly - it's weird, but they usually get it a little to the side..
Anyway, she says, oh on the side, she starts feeling & wiping really far over.
I say, well they don't usually go over that far...
Oh no, I feel the vein.
She puts the needle in & hooks the syringe up...nothing. Everytime she pulled the syringe out - it'd suction back up. Hmm..that usually means you're not where your suppoesd to be. She decides she's going to move it around a little. Felt great.
She says..well maybe I'm too high up..
I wanted to say - or too far over...
So she pulls out a butterfly needle (they are very small) & sticks it about a 1/4 in below her first site. OUCH!
She again tries to get blood out & a little comes out but not enough to fill the vial, which apparently if it's not full they can't use it - fantastic.
She says, I only poke twice & if I can't get it, I have someone else come in & do it..
Good - at least she's smart!
She calls out to the girl in the office...
Cherie - I think I need some help..
Really - you think?
Cherie comes out & the first tech says to me, well you have some good veins in your hand.
To which I reply "Yea, I'd prefer you don't use my hand if possible - they usually blow".
So she starts looking at my left arm while Cherie walks away...wait, where are you going?
So the first tech is feeling my left arm & says, oh here's a good one..
I was concerned b/c they RARELY find a good one in the left arm...but she sounds pretty sure of herself.
She takes another butterfly needle & sticks it in. Nothing..
She calls Cherie - I think I need you.
Cherie comes out & starts looking at my right hand while the other lady is digging around in my left w/the butterfly needle.
I winced in pain & she says, does that hurt..
Yes..but what I really wanted to say was - no it feels great - let's do this for the rest of the day..
Cherie says - ok - I'm gonna go in your hand.
Oh great b/c the other 3 pokes have went so smoothly.
but thankfully - it did go smooth - it hurts still but at least it was successful. When I walked out - this is what I looked like...




Everyone that passed me was looking at me as I had 3 bandages on the right & one on the left. I felt like a human pin cushion..
This is what my right arm looks like now...


Yesterday was pretty laid back - Cadence stayed home w/me & we just stayed home - playing barbies & reading books.
Later today we'll be going to the gym for Cadence & then back home. I've been taking my early maternity leave seriously - I'm not doing anything I shouldn't & mostly I'm relaxing. To be honest, last week I don't really think I did ANYTHING!! This week I'm doing some cleaning up & such - but again, it's all "light duty" :)
Anyway - have a great day &
til next time...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To Do Tuesday - Week 9

It's week 9 of To-Do Tuesday.

If you don't know what all the fuss is about - click on the picture below - it explains all!

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

Now, on to my list..

Clean out Cadence's closet
Clean Cadence bedroom & playroom
Re-organize Living room
Clean under the couch!
Clean utility room
Dust Living Room
Mop Kitchen
Scrub Bathroom
Clean/pitch a lot from my bedroom!
Clean under my bed
Convert home movies onto DVD - 1/3 of the way finished -
Clean out basement! More than 1/2 way done!!
Visit Jaquie & baby Sormane!
Cadence's dentist appt 7/21
NST 7/23
Stony Ridge Flea Mkt 7/25 - missed it :(
Visit Gramma this weekend
Kids Weekend @ the campground 7/25
Angie's Shower 7/26
NST 7/27
Clean truck
Clean van
Clean out purse!!
Make an 8x10 of Cai's 2 1/2 yr pic
NST 7/30
37 wk dr appt on 7/30
u/s 7/31
clean out fridge
wash the dogs!!
transfer pics from old computers
finish Mommywood & return to library
mail pckg that has been in my closet for 8 mos

And until B gets here - my list of baby things needed & completed...
Bassinet √
Walker √
clothes √
Bottles √
Nipples √
Bottle drop ins √
Diaper Bag √
Diapers & wipes √
Baby shampoo & lotion √
Bouncy Seat √
Car Seat √
Stroller √
Swing √
Diaper Genie √
Bottle warmer √
Bumbo! √
Bumbo tray √
Bathtub √
Towels & washcloths √
Bottle Drying Rack √
Baby Book √
Breast Pump
Pack n Play
Diaper Genie refills
Crib - waiting til we move

What's on your list?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Magic Show

This weekend we went to Gramma’s & Cadence got to see a pretty cool magic show. She also got a balloon animal (a kangaroo) & got her face painted…



I think the clown scared her a little..



a magic trick…





Today was Angie’s shower – it was really nice & everyone had a good time.

We really didn’t do much else this weekend – It’s been pretty relaxing.

I am dissapointed to report that the bar is already open! I can’t believe it. They worked around the clock to get it into shape. The apt upstairs is still messed up but the bar has been been repaired (siding still has to be put up) & so we didn’t get as much quiet as I thought.

til next time…

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another Day...

This week has been so amazing to me. It's so weird to get up & not go to work. I do miss it a little, but it has sure made a difference for me. I'm not so sore that everytime I get up, I cringe. I'm not so tired that I'm dreading walking to the bathroom.
It's just been absolutely relaxing. I've barely done a thing. I mean I had all these plans to organize - I've done nothing.
Dennis kindly organized Cadence's closet b/c B's things were falling out into Cai's room. He's been doing the dishes & laundry - but hey, I've been folding it! :)

I love spending all this time w/Cadence. I love not stressing about how much working I'm going to miss when I leave for an appointment - which they made my list of appts on Monday - wow - a LOT of appts over the next few weeks!

Anyway, as for today, it's been another relaxing day. I had my NST but it was at Baypark b/c Dr. B was out of the office. I was fine w/that b/c the last time they did it at Baypark (when B failed it), I quickly learned how nice their rooms are. They do them right in the L & D rooms, they are SUPER cold & I get to lay in bed. Doesn't get much better than that! :)

She did good today! Above is the proof!
I'm gonna be all crabby next week when I'm back to doing them at Dr. B's office & I'm all hot & sweaty...
After my appt we came home & took felt good. Then we ran to the store to pick up bread & some meat for dinner.
Dennis & I watched some tv - Cadence played & colored. He left for work & Cadence & I played dollhouse & we've read about 5 books.
At some point this weekend I'm going to post pictures of the 2 outfits I have to decide btwn to bring home B. I'm so excited :)
I also have a stand by outfit for if it's chilly - this weather has been a little wacked for the summer - so for all I know it could be 60 ish when we bring her home! :) So stay tuned for the adorable outfits..
Now it's time for bed.
Til next time...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maternity Leave - Day 2 = Fire Frenzy!

Ok, seriously, I had no intentions of naming my posts how many day # of my maternity leave - but really - the last 2 have been eventful.
First w/Cadence & her fear of the dentist & today...
ok wait, let me tell you a quick story...I have to introduce my topic you know..

So since my shower, I've been foaming at the mouth to get to Babies R Us. Everytime we're supposed to go either something comes up or I'm too tired to go over. It's not like it's urgent for me to get there..I mean she's not here yet, but the $ & gift cards have practically burned right through my pocket! :)

Anyway, today, I finally go there! We pulled into the parking spot, I unbuckled myself & Cadence, opened my door & my phone rang - it was Jenny...
"At the store..."
"Are you ok?!"
"The bar is on fire & it's bad!"
"WHAT?! We're on our way home."

We probably didn't need to rush home, but they were in btwn the house & the bar trying to control the fire & no one has a key to our house & I was freaked out about my dogs!
So, again - no Babies R Us :(

Most likely cause....cigarettes...ridiculous! Here are some of the sites we got to see when we arrived home..

As for the rest of the evening - we went to the gym with Cadence..

came home - Dennis made dinner & we relaxed. Here's Sativa enjoying her life...ha!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Maternity Leave - Day 1 = Dentist Disaster!

So I woke up early...old habits, right...anyway, it didn't much matter, b/c I was able to take a nice nap from 10:15-11:30. It was amazing!

I kept Cadence home from school b/c I was excited about staying home myself & wanted to spend some time w/her. We played dollhouse & baker. It was fun & busy. Then she laid on the couch next to me while I napped.

When I woke up from my nap, she & I had lunch & then we got Dennis was time to get ready to go to the dentist...
I told her where we were going & that it was just so they could brush her teeth. They weren't doing anything else.

When we got there she did not look convinced it was going to be easy...
But she found a game & her mind was busy playing that - keeping her thoughts far from the dentist...

My plan was to take a bunch of pictures of her at the dentist & show her for her next appt that it's not so bad...
So when we got back to the room, I took a picture of her in the chair...
That was the last picture I took. The second the hygentist walked in, it was all downhill from there. She told her it could go one of 2 ways - either she listens & holds still & it's done fast OR they fight w/her & it takes a long time.
Apparently the 2nd option sounded more appealing to her b/c that's the route we took.

So you'd think, that dad holding her legs & lower body, mom holding her arms & upper body, the hygentist holding her head & the tech helping where she could would possibly make the experience a little less of a struggle & a little more quick.
No, no it didn't.
I was sweating by the time we finished a TEETH CLEANING!!! Yes a CLEANING! OMG! She struggled & screamed & cried - i'm talking real tears streaming down her face - it was heartbreaking but ridiculous!
When we were finally done, the dentist has to come in & check out her teeth. Another struggle...then she put on the fluroide...again, struggle.
I was so happy for this visit to be over!
The good news - only ONE cavity!! Which in her case is AMAZING news. The bad - it's on a tooth that already was jacked up which means, not a simple little filling..nope - she's got to have a cap put on ...fantastic.
Her appt is 8/27. I'm not looking forward to this. The last time she had one done - they ended up chipping her front tooth b/c she fought so hard. Drug her you say...oh she was drugged AND strapped to the board...yea, she's a strong 4 yr old!
By the time we left the room, she was happy & smiling. Are you kidding me? I didn't take any pictures b/c I was too tired from holding her down - ha.
We stopped by Jenny's to pick up some coolers for Marge & then we headed home. We had to run to Kroger to get some milk, but that was the extent of our evening.

On a medicine note - I was switched to heparin yesterday - which means I'm getting close!! :)
They switch you over at the end of the pregnancy b/c it's easier to control & you can get an epidural while on the heparin - and i'm all about the drugs :)
I'm looking forward to a much less frantice day. Tomorrow Cadence will be going to the gym & Thurs I have my NST at Baypark. Dr. B is out, so they're just sending me to L&D for the test. The rest of the weekend is calm & quiet - Angie's shower is Sunday & that's the extent of it. :)
Til next time...

To-Do Tuesday Week 8

It's week 8 of To-Do Tuesday.

If you don't know what all the fuss is about - click on the picture below - it explains all!

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

Now, on to my list..

Convert home movies onto DVD - 1/3 of the way finished - it's taking much longer to do than I thought!
Clean out basement - doing FOR SURE THIS WEEKEND! More than 1/2 way done!! We just got so caught up w/the weekend we didn't finish :(
Pay bills 7/15
NST 7/16
Beth's Wedding 7/18
See Harry Potter
Visit Jaquie & baby Sormane!
Happy b/day Alan 7/19
NST & 34 wk OB appt 7/20
Cadence haircut - 1st one in 2 1/2 yrs!
Cadence's dentist appt 7/21
NST 7/23
Stony Ridge Flea Mkt 7/25
Angie's Shower 7/26
NST 7/27
Clean out Cadence's closet
Clean Cadence bedroom & playroom
Re-organize Living room
Mop Kitchen
Scrub Bathroom
Clean/pitch a lot from my bedroom!
Stony Ridge Flea Mkt 7/25
Visit Gramma this weekend

And until B gets here - my list of baby things needed & completed...

Bassinet √
Walker √
clothes √
Bottle drop ins √
Breast Pump
Pack n Play
Diaper Bag √
Diapers & wipes √
Baby shampoo & lotion √
Bouncy Seat √
Car Seat √
Stroller √
Swing - thanks Val! √
Diaper Genie - thanks Erica! √
Diaper Genie refills
Bottle warmer √
Bumbo! √
Bumbo tray √
Bathtub √
Towels & washcloths √
Bottle Drying Rack √
Baby Book
Crib - waiting til we move

What's on your list?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Haircuts, Weddings & Maternity Leave!!

We had a busy weekend but it was nice. Ok, actually only Sat was busy - Sun, we did NOTHING. It was fantastic!!

On Thursday, I took Cadence & we got our hair cut. It was the first haircut for her in 2 1/2 years!!


Friday we went to St. Thomas's festival. I'm telling you, growing up on the east side, across from St. Thomas & my family belonging there, going ot that festival every year is like going home.
I remember spending my weekends there - living on mexican food & donuts! They have I can't tell you how amazing they are. I miss them already & am bummed I have to wait another year for them!!
I entered the basement of the church & the familiar smell of must brought back so many memories. I remember working the dinner w/Erica & DeeAnn one year. Walking through the booths - although most set up different, I remember working those too. This is one of the only church festivals that still has their games at $.25 - Cadence spent $3 & played a ton of games.

Saturday we got up & I did some housework while Dennis did yard work. After we got ready & headed over to Beth's wedding. It was so pretty & everyone looked beautiful..

After the wedding, we went to Denny's & had lunch w/Dennis' mom, sister, niece, aunt, brother & dad.
We left there & went home to relax. Cadence & I played w/the camera...

Then we ran Beth's wedding gift to Marge as the reception was adult only & we weren't attending.

We ended up seeing Harry Potter & were quite dissapointed. It was nothing like we thought it should be :(

Like I said, Sunday we didn't do anything. It was nice & relaxing.
Today I went to the drs & she took me off on maternity leave. I'm so happy. I mean I felt bad for not going back to work - I know that sounds messed up - but really - I felt guilty. Anyway, I'm looking forward to being able to get some sleep. My sleep has been really bad at nite & I'm barely making it through the day. It will be nice to not have to worry about being so tired at work.

I can also finish getting things done here at home to get ready for B's arrival. Going through clothes & spending time w/Cadence playing dollhouse & getting my "hair cut" by her.
Til next time... (which I should be able to do more frequently!)