Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Our beautiful girl and her beautiful babies are back!  My heart feels whole again.  Selfishly, I am relieved things didn’t work in Texas.  Even though I purely prayed her life would turn around and she would be happy in TX, I was so excited she came back.  Obviously, I was not happy she was so unhappy.  We talked every few weeks while she was down there.  I would have talked to her more, but in the beginning I was thoughtless, guarding my heart from any more pain.  Finally, I woke up and realized she still needed my support.  BUT, I also didn’t want to hinder her repairing her relationship with her adoptive parents by talking to her all the time and inserting myself in the ‘mom role’. 

Things went from okay to bad in the nine months they lived down there.  Finally they decided to come back to Ohio where they had a lot more support than 2 family members they barely spoke to.

While we waited for them to come back to OH, we offered Whitney & the kids our extra bedroom.  I was not ok with her b/f staying at the house, since Cai & Bry are still young.  We set up the spare room with a bed, crib, dresser & tv.  We also put a toddler bed in Bry’s room for Lenyx. 

The day they got here was one of the happiest since they left last April.

Now, we are learning how living with another adult and two little kids is different.  We are all used to our own way of living but we are adjusting.  Seeing their faces everyday makes me smile.  Hopefully we will figure it all out and get Whit on her own feet, in her own place within the next few months.  Until then, I am going to bask in the joy of having all my littles, Dennis & I together!