Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Looking forward to the weekend

Last evening, Selena & I took Cadence & Nathan to Kroger's for a Halloween Fest. They played games, got their faces painted & got candy. It was fun AND Krogers had some pretty good deals too!
Nathan getting his face painted
Cadence's spider

And, although there isn't anything terribly exciting going on this weekend, I am looking forward to taking Cadence trick or treating. Also, on Sat, Weston (a town about 25 mins away) is going to have a parade, so we're going to take Cadence to that too.

One of the main things about this weekend that I'm looking forward to is sleeping in. I know that's awful, but I truly love it! :)

Cadence has gotten up early the last few weekends OR we're busy, so while I get to sleep later than the work week, it's not as late as I'd like.

I'll keep you updated with any fun & exciting news - but don't expect much!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Camping, New Kids!! & Halloween

We're back from our 1st annual Family Camping Trip w/lots of amazing memories! It was wonderful to (re)meet Rachel in person, although we didn't really get to talk much. I also met Josh & his wonderful girlfriend, Christine for the first time. It was a great time, Becky & Brian brought their 11 day old, beautiful son, Madix with them. He was so cute and I LOVED holding him - didn't really cure the baby fever though...
I enjoyed catching up with Tarah and loved watching Cadence interact with my dad's family. Rachel's children are beautiful and so kind and polite. Her oldest, Felicity was wonderful with the younger children. She & Averi took the kids to the park 3 or 4 times and had no problem helping out with them.
We took the kids trick or treating and on a hay ride. Rachel, Aunt Sandy & Sarah have picked out our sites for next year and we can't wait!

This weekend is the New Kids on the Block concert at the Palace. Same place I attended it for the first time, almost 20 yrs ago! Anyway, if you're done laughing - or believe it or not, some will be jealous, I'll continue...
I'll be going to the concert w/about 6 girls and we'll be driving up in a mini-van - yes a mini-van and we will be writing on the windows about our love for NKOTB. Yes, we are probably the biggest 30ish yr old (oh to be 30 again..) dorks you'll ever meet - but we're not alone. The concerts are selling out quickly & are being enjoyed by many - so quite obviously, you're missing out!
Halloween is next weekend - BOO! Cadence will be trick or treating, most likely in Swanton this year. She can't wait, although she's already had more than her fair share of trick or treating! Twice at Gramma's campground, a few weekends ago during the camping trip, this weekend at Church & of course the actual Halloween trick or treat. Lucky girl - best $20 I've ever spent on a costume!
I'll try to post before Halloween, but if I don't, Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Looking forward to….

The camping trip this weekend that will be w/my dad's family!! I'm so excited - I get to re-meet a cousin that I met when I was like 13 & her kids. Also another cousin that I've never met AND… a newborn baby!!! ::giggles:: I have serious baby fever, maybe he'll give me the fix I need!! You know, except for the whole sharing him w/the other 30 people there thing… ::sigh:: probably only me & Sarah will be arguing over who holds him…but I got some weight on her - I'll take her down! :)
Seriously though..since losing my dad, it's hard to watch some of the family on my mom's side do things w/their dad or their dad's parents. I feel like I'm missing out b/c I don't have my dad or his parents. I hardly see Aunt Sandy. Thankfully, I do get a good Stacey Family fill from Sarah. She's more like a sister than a cousin!!
Anyway…just super excited, so I thought I'd share the joy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Loss of Loved One..

Tuesday was a sad day for Dennis, Cadence & I, as we lost our beloved dog Sandie Paws. We've had her since she was born (my mom has her mom) & she had turned 9 on 9/25.
She was an amazing friend & amazing dog. We will miss her greatly. Not a day will go by, that she won't be thought of.
Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge…
We LOVE you Sandie!!