Thursday, August 25, 2016


I need at least seven hours.  I know eight hours are suggested, and some people are lucky to get five.  But I NEED seven.  If I don’t have enough sleep, I am a raging bitch.  I mean, more than usual. 

When I issued this disclaimer upon arriving home from the hospital days after each girl was born, you would think they understood.  Sure, the first year I was mostly patient when they woke me in the middle of the night for a feeding, wet diaper or teething.  But after a year, well…mommy lost her patience for any middle of the night interruptions.  Yes, I cared for my kids, but on the inside, I was scowling and bitter they disturbed my precious sleep.

Fast forward to 2016 and you would think they had a firm grasp on the concept.  But no…that is not the case.  Last week, Bryleigh came into my room on TWO different nights to tell me she was scared. 

The mommy gene that immediately jumps up and cuddles the scared child and walks them back to bed and sprays ‘monster repellent’ OR brings them into their own bed was skipped when God was putting me together.

I growled to turn on the bathroom light and go back to bed.  She did.  On night two, she came in and told me she had already turn on the bathroom light and that wasn’t working, so I reluctantly invited her into bed, where she squeezed btwn her dad & myself and quickly took over, pushing the two of us to the edge of the bed, where I balanced my body, in hopes of not landing on the floor, for the rest of the night.

I mean, come on, I can’t be the only mom that feels like this!  Right?!  Moms?

So last night when I woke up in excruciating shoulder pain, unable to find any relief and stayed up for 90 mins…finally falling asleep in an awkward position.  Only to wake up a mere 60 mins later because of the pain and having to go out to the couch because I was in so much pain, I assume was my karma being served for sucking as a mom when I’m woke up in the middle of the night.

But all joking aside, the pain…ya’ll…it was bad.  I almost drove myself to the ER.  I walked around with 8 dvt’s for almost 2 wks, crying in pain…it was comparable to that. 

When I stumbled in to work, with beet red eyes, I was even crabbier than usual.  At 10:30, I felt my eyes burning from exhaustion, while my shoulder ached.  I was so happy to go home for lunch and lie down.  Even though my shoulder was still sore, I was so tired, the exhaustion won and I was able to sleep.  When it was time to get up and come back in, I almost cried, I could have used another hour..or three.

So, next time Bry comes in to tell me she’s scared, I’m going to force myself to care.  I learned my lesson.  I don’t need that karma bitch coming back around!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

My baby is SEVEN!!

I can't even believe baby is SEVEN today.  How is she growing up so quickly?  Wasn't she just born? heart breaks a little knowing she keeps getting older, but on the other hand, I am proud of the wonderful person she is becoming. 

Yesterday, on the way to Church, after her very small b/day party, she asked if she could use her b/day money to give at church.  My heart was so full of pride.  So, she gave some of her $ when it was time.  Her smile was huge!

Next month the plan is to stay the night in Columbus and go to the American Girl Doll store and get her, her own doll.  Yay!

After Church, Gramma took us all out to dinner.  Bry chose Denny's.  She's a cheap date.  We dropped Gramma off at Aunt Vicki's and came home.  I was able to get a few shots of the girls still dressed in their Church clothes.

Seven things you've taught/reminded me:

It doesn’t matter if you’ve done pretty much the same things raising each of your children, they will grow and be completely different from one and other.

With the right will power, you can overcome anything.

Being a girl is hard work and requires lots of girly things.

Playing dolls is a great workout for your imagination.

You can be a tough little shit, but within seconds, the most gentle, loving little girl.

You are 100% Stacey.

No matter how big you get, there is always room for you on my lap, wrapped in my arms.

I love you, always & forever. 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

As Little Things Grow

My uber amazing friend, Cortney, and her husband, Josh, started their own company two years ago.  They make wood signs.  Originally, they started with pallet signs and the measuring stick growth chart, but moved away from pallets to lumber.  Their signs are AMAZING.  She hand paints them all.  I thoroughly impressed with everything she does.

A while ago, she posted this pretty neat baseball sign.

Our family does not play baseball…but, we have cheerleaders.  I asked her if she could switch it up a little to fit our life.  And…of course she did.  And it is amazing!  The colors we decided to use are their school colors.  I am so happy with how it turned out!  Now it sits outside our front door and I smile every time I pull up to the house.


She has made me countless things over the last two years.  I also got a measuring stick/growth chart, which I love.  The girls measured themselves one day, while I was at work.  I wouldn’t have cared, except they wrote random mesgs, ‘I love mom’.  At first I was upset b/c that isn’t what it was for – they were only supposed to mark their height & the date.  The more I thought about it, the more I smiled.  In 10 years, when Cadence is off in college (she better be!) and Bryleigh is in full teenage mode, looking at the ruler and those little notes will probably make me tear up with memories. 


I ordered a sign, with clothespins attached, for my mom to hang pics of her grandkids, for Christmas one year.  I also had one made for my cousin & his wife for their wedding. 

She has donated twice to the apraxia walk. 

I had three made for the girls.  Each one special b/c it was what reminds me of them.

Two of my favorites were signs I ordered for QuinceaƱeras we went to.  I sent Cort pictures of the invitations and she was able to create these beautiful memory signs for the girls.


I wish I had an ounce of her creativity! 

She also made this very touching sign for my mom when Greg passed away.  My mom cried when I gave it to her.

If you are EVER looking for a unique gift, check out As Little Things Grow, b/c I’m fairly certain she can ship if you are not local. But trust me, you will NOT be disappointed! 


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mornings are overrated!

The girls definitely get it from me.  I am NOT a morning person.  Sure, I can fake it…but deep down, my disgust for cheery people in the morning blackens my soul.  Every smile I receive, as I walk into work, is like nails on a chalkboard.  I just want to say, why, why are you so happy?  Don’t you know it’s only 7:45 in the morning?  And we are entering work – that’s like a double hit.  But no, I go w/the flow and offer my biggest smile back…and a cheery ‘Good Morning’ & then I turn my head & scowl.  Ugh.


So this am, when I was getting ready to take a shower and overheard Cadence say to Bryleigh “QUIT LOOKING AT ME!”, I couldn’t even tell her not to be mean b/c she’s not a morning person & she comes by it honestly!  It’s 7 am – don’t stare at me – don’t even turn your head in my general direction.  As a matter of fact, leave the room.  

But, the mom in me knew her attitude was unnecessary, so I did tell her to be nice and for them not to argue.   Minutes later, I heard Bry say “Come on, how long does it take to brush your hair”.  So, also, clearly not a morning person. 


Three women, none of whom like mornings…one that already menstruates, two that will in the near future…  Can you imagine how much Dennis is going to enjoy his mornings in about 7 years when all 3 of us are up early and on our periods?  HAHAHAHA.  His life is going to suck.