Thursday, April 24, 2008


Dear Whitney,

Another year older…14 today. It seems like yesterday that you walked into our house for the first time. I hope that you’re having a great b/day. I know btwn 13 & 15 all I did was count down to 16! I wonder if you are doing the same. No matter what you’re doing, I hope it brings a smile to your beautiful face.

Happy 14th birthday Sweet Girl! <3
Love always,
Dennis, Missy & Cadence

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thursday 4/24/08
Nothing really exciting has happened this week. Dennis had a dentist appt b/c he broke his front tooth again & they told him he has the teeth of a 76 yo (either that or he has aged VERY well). We're trying to decide how to proceed - he's teeth are awful & it's just going to keep happening.. Other than that, not really much has happened this week. We like quiet weeks! :)

Sunday 4/19/08
Lisa hurt her arm, so she went to the hospital & I kept Tae & Chai for her. I took them to Church with me - this was the first time I went to the Toledo campus. It was AWESOME. I really enjoyed it. Of course it's MUCH smaller than Pburg, but it really rocked. I'm going to attend there on my off weekends at Pburg. After Church, I took Chai, Tae & Cadence to the meet Dennis for lunch at Toledo Hosp. They had fun & ate well. As we were finishing, Lisa called & said she was ready to go. I picked her up & took her home. When Dennis got home from work, we watched tv & played Break the Ice w/Cadence.
Enjoying lunch
Oops, she blinked
They love each other!

Saturday 4/18/08

Malachai's b/day party was today. It was supposed to be at Nickel World, but things changed & it ended up at Swan Creek. When we got there it was very windy & chilly. The kids didn't care - they loved playing. We did cake quickly b/c the wind was getting so bad. After we cleaned up & were getting ready to leave - it got warm. Figures! Alan decided to take Colin & Chai to McDonald's Playland since they didn't get to play outside for long. Matt tagged along. Aunt Vicki thought it was a good idea & took Dj & Heaven. Poor Cadence was going to be left out b/c I had to run Lisa & Tae home. Thankfully her Nana agreed to take her. She was thrilled! We picked her up & went home & relaxed for the rest of the evening.

The kids playing @ Chai's party

Havin fun even though it's chilly

Happy 5th Birthday Malachai!

Friday 4/17/08

Ranger was adopted today! I'm so excited - it was someone I work with that adopted him. He's got 7 kids so Ranger will never be bored. He's also on better pain meds - so he's not messing with his hip anymore.

Thursday 4/16/08

Not much going on today - just a regular day of work & daycare. My mouth hurt from where I got all the shots during my extraction yesterday. I did start to feel it when he was pulling & he had to stop to numb me some more. I'm happy it's finally done!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday 4/15/08
I studied & prayed that I would absorb all the info & that I would pass my test. Thankfully I passed!! I was so relieved, I felt like screaming from the rooftops!
We took Cadence to her pediatric dentist appt today. She was scared & it broke my heart. The repairing (cap & fillings) will be broke into 3 appts which she will be given nitrous at each one. Poor Cadence!!!!
At the dentist before the exam - note - she's happy...

Tomorrow is my dentist appt to have my wisdom tooth pulled & I can't wait b/c I'm sick of the pain. Have a great rest of the week!

Monday 4/14/08
Nothing much happened today. I had a class for Church & of course studying for my test tomorrow @ work. I'm nervous about the test - it's a big one.
Mike's Mom had a stroke over the weekend & has made an amazing recovery. The home aide was at their house giving her pills & noticed something was wrong - they got her to the hosp asap & because of it all of her side affects have reversed!

Sunday 4/13/08
Not much really happening today - Dennis has to work & our laundry needs to be done. I'll be working on that & cleaning. Ranger is going to a different foster home while he heals. He's hurting himself here b/c of his pain & we're not home all to help him through it. Poor guy!

Saturday 4/12/08
I took Mohawk to the event & met a REALLY awesome couple. I'm waiting to hear from them about possibly going to their place so Mo can meet their cat. Here's to hoping - he deserves a TON of attention - he's such a good boy!
While Mo was at the event, Cadence & I met Dennis at the hospital & had lunch with him. Cai was so excited & she got to meet some of daddy's co-workers.
Waiting for Daddy in the hosp cafeteria

Dennis, Cadence & I went to Church this evening b/c Dennis has to work tomorrow. It was a great service - I even saw someone from Home Group there.
When we got home from service, we turned off our ringer & had family nite. With us working so much & volunteering & studying (I have a HUGE test for work on Tuesday), we're not getting much family time. We watched the Alvin & the Chipmunks movie & had popcorn & sweets. It was an amazing evening - we're going to try to do it weekly!

Friday 4/11/08
I ended up making the mexican casserole for group. Apparently one the one of the girls didn't get my email offering dinner which was why she offered pizza. Since mexican was already brought up, we stuck w/that. Cadence had fun playing w/the kids & she wasn't the only girl this week - Ahrianna was there, too.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dentists, Dogs & Daycare

On Monday - Uncle Scott was worried b/c his face was swelling up. He ended up at the hospital. After a few tests & lots of worry, he was sent to a oral surgeon to have his gums drained - ouch! Poor Uncle Scott.

Dennis had to work all day Monday - he left the house @ 7 am & didn't get home til 10:30 that nite. He was exhausted.

Tuesday was a long day for Cadence - she went to daycare all day, got picked up @ 3:45 & dropped off at Alan's b/c I was working in the Church office & Dennis had to work. I picked her up @ 8:15 & brought Colin home w/me so Alan could lay down b/c he had a migraine. When I let Ranger out of his crate - I found that he had tore his stitches! Why do dogs have to make it so much harder?! Dennis got home at 9:45 & took Colin home.

Yesterday, Dennis took Ranger to the vet & they put in 3 staples & gave us a cone so he we don't have to crate him & while he's uncrated, he doesn't chew anything in the house.

Cadence's teacher told me how sweet Cadence is...She said that Cadence was very shy the first couple weeks & that she's finally coming out of her shell. She said that Cadence loves to help the teachers in the room & that after she's helped them for a little bit, they remind her to go play with the other kids. She said that Cadence has a "best friend" named Destiny. She is also new so her & Cadence have something in common & usually go off & play with one & other. She said sometimes they play with the group. My heart was about baby has a "best friend. :)

After work yesterday, I had a dentist appt b/c part of my wisdom tooth broke off. They did the exam & b/c I'm on blood thinners, I have to wait til next Wed to have it pulled. I can't wait, though. I'll be happy to get this bad boy out! Then I have an appt for a cleaning & I have one cavity. Not bad for not having been to the dentist for a long time!

Tonite is cleaning nite - I have so much planned this weekend, I HAVE to get it done tonite.

Tomorrow is Home Group - we lucked out & are only having pizza - so no cooking this week! Woohoo!

Saturday I am attending a tupperware meeting & then we have Church Sat nite.

Sunday is Jacob's 6th b/day party. It should be lots of fun. It's a bowling party, so I bet Cadence will have a blast.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 7, 2008

It's true - Spring is here!

This past weekend was some of the best weather we've had in...well I don't even know how long! Saturday - I took Mo to the event & unfortunately no one showed any interest :( After the event, I took him home & went to Aunt Vicki's to get Dennis. I offered to take Heaven w/us to the park. The girls had a blast! Cadence was so tired from running around so much - she was miserable!
I was happy when she finally fell asleep..

Getting ready to go down the slide
The girls going down the slide
Cadence hurt herself on the bars2 beautiful girls
Yesterday we stayed home & did laundry & cleaned. It was sunny - not quite as warm as Sat, but nice none the less.
Today was gorgeous! We didn't get out, but had the windows & door opened. It was great.
Not much planned for the rest of the week. I volunteer at the church office tomorrow evening for a couple hours. Home group on Friday..that's pretty much the extent of our week. Have a great week!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

This week has been nothing but busy - I haven't had much time to myself to relax, let alone blog. So much going on where to start - I'll start with
Last Saturday, I dropped Cadence off at Sarah's & headed w/the dogs to the event. Met a wonderful family for Ranger - however, Ranger had a vet appt on Tuesday b/c his hips weren't moving properly. The family asked to wait to see how the appt went.
Picked up Cadence from Sarah's & went home. Dennis got home from work, we had dinner & headed to church for a class. I was in need of some serious healing, so while
Dennis attended the class, I went to service. After service, I picked up Cadence from child care & waited for Dennis to finish the class. While we were waiting, a lady approached us & started talking to Cadence - she said "You're Cadence, right?" I'm thinking, who is this? She said, Hi, I work at Cadence's daycare. At first I thought she was talking about the Church daycare, but then realized she meant the regular one. We ended up standing there talking for about 20 mins. She was very nice - I really enjoyed talking to her.
Madison, Cadence & Dominic

Sunday - Dennis had to work, I went to church for another service & to volunteer. The service was about why does God allow suffering. Although the answer wasn't one that most skeptics looked for, it made me think a lot & while no one knows the true reason - I believe some of the answers I came up with make a lot of sense & that brings me some peace.
Cadence ready to go to Church

Monday was my mom's surgery, so me, Aunt Vicki & Mike spent most of the day at the hospital. Mom was having a lot of pain & they thought it was from cysts on her ovaries. They removed her ovaries & found that they were full of adhesions - so bad, that the dr couldn't find them at first. The one was stuck to the back wall by adhesions!
They're out now & she's relieved but in pain. She hates abdominal surgeries & can't wait to be healed.
Tuesday was back to work & daycare for Cadence. Ranger also had to be dropped off at the vet to have his hips looked at. When they called us that afternoon, it was bad news. My poor guy has bad hips. He has to have hip surgery on Friday for one & on 5/30 for the other.
Wed was pretty laid back.
Thursday- Angie & Heaven came over for awhile & we watched Ghost Hunters while Cadence & Heaven played.
Today Ranger was dropped off at the vet for his surgery. We picked him up this evening & he looks so sad.
I went to home group tonite & enjoyed myself immensely. I couldn't stay the whole evening, bc I had to get Lisa, but we talked about suffering & did it make us better or worse. We also had a wonderful dinner - lasagna, garlic bread & salad. Cadence was the only girl today, but she had a blast.
When I got home tonite, Ranger was whining to see us. We brought him into the living room w/us & he's breaking my heart. He keeps walking on his leg - he freaks me out when he does that - it makes me hurt!
Tomorrow we'll be taking Mo to the event - hopefully he'll get adopted.
Have a great weekend.