Saturday, August 24, 2013

1st Baby - Baby shower!

One of my favorite friends & his wife are expecting their first baby!  Everyone is soooo excited.  And, in my opinion, even more exciting is this baby is a girl!  Yay! 
We threw him a shower at work and had some of the cutest treats to share...

Seriously - how adorable are these baby face cookies??!!!

So there's this wonderful lady at work & she's super artistic - check out these adorable tags she made for her delicious dipped oreos!

Another artistic lady at work made this cute diaper wreath...almost makes me want another...

Delicious mint cake...melts in your mouth, delicious!!

At work - we LOVE food and parties!

this cupcake was almost too pretty to eat!  but I got over it and enjoyed every bite!

Yay Baby Evie!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy 4th Birthday Duchess!

I did A LOT of research for Bry’s 4th bday party. Pinterest, of course, had about 16,546,514,651,654 ideas available for carnival parties. We chose do it at nearby park. Some of my pictures suck b/c I was so busy setting up, taking care of kids, etc, that I didn’t have time for picture taking.  AND my signs definitely suck!  I had plans to make cute signs, but other things took up to much of my time and I was left writing them out.  And then they had to be taped on super, duper tight b/c it was so stinkin windy!

I was able to do this party pretty inexpensively, which made me super happy! Here is a recap of the setup & of her day…

We bought raffle tickets at the dollar store for them to use to play games. We bought some cheap prizes – you can get packs of them at the dollar store & also at walmart. The first station they visited was full of stuff to decorate white paper bags which would hold their prizes. Crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, & construction paper. "Take a bag & decorate it with stickers, crayons, glitter & glue. Inside you will find your raffle tickets for Bryleigh's birthday Carnival! Have fun!!"



The first game we had, was a football toss. I took a hula hoop & tied it up to twine in between 2 trees. The boys & Cadence LOVED this game.


Guess the #...I took a cheap jar from the dollar store, filled it with candy & a b/day #4 candle, had a little bucket for them to put post it w/their guess. The winner took the candy!




Ring Toss….toss the bracelets over the water bottles



Tattoos…washable tattoos – all of the kids loved this one. I had a bottle of water with a washrag to apply them.

Lucky Pitch…I taped a bunch of Styrofoam cups to poster board, but also spray painted a couple different colors. If they went into the different colors, they won more prizes...not the best pictures, unfortunately..

Race Track….empty paper boxes were used for the cars, string, cds, crayons, stickers, bowls, construction paper decorated the cars. After the cars were finished – the kids wore them to race!
"Decorate your Racecar - Use stickers, crayons, construction paper, glue, cd's & paper plates to make your racecar original.  Then get ready to start your engines!"



The weather was great and the kids had a blast - that's really all it's about, right?!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chicken Crescent Rolls

I'm proud of myself for coming up with this recipe on my own. Even Dennis was surprised!
He kept asking me, are you sure this was all you?? Yes, it was. I saw other recipes that had a few of the ingredients together, but not one like this. Pinterest had great recipes, but none put this together and honestly, I don't see a lot with the french onion soup mix. Man, I love that stuff!
4 boneless/skinless chicken breasts
2 pck crescent rolls
Mozz cheese – I didn’t measure b/c we LOVE cheese, so we pile it on
French onion soup mix dry

Preheat oven to temp listed on Crescent rolls – usually 375

Brown chicken on both sides in fry pan. Add water to cover chicken, add 1 packet of dry French onion soup mix & cover.

Cook until chicken is completely cooked through.

Cut into chunks.

Open crescent rolls & pinch together seams of 2 triangles to make 4 different crusts. Add chicken chunks & as much mozz cheese as you want. Then add the other package of crescent rolls, pinching seams of 2 triangles together, than placing them on top of the chicken mixture & pressing the top & bottom crescents together. Sometimes we can get a really good seam, other times, not so much.

Bake for 12-14 mins (or as long as the rolls require). Serve w/green beans & rice.
Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream for dessert equals YUM!

And really, the combination possibilities are numerous. We also made these with pepper jack cheese, sharp cheese and colby.
Instead of French soup mix, we did dry Italian dressing...the crescent roll has the flavor bake right in - it's sooo good!
We also made turkey burger (I don't eat red meat, so at home we use turk burg in lieu of hamburger) and put taco seasoning in w/taco mix cheese and served w/lettuce, tomato & sour cream... (hello heartburn!)...

Let me know if you try this and what combinations you use. I'm curious to see what else other people come up with!