Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Simple Woman's Day

Found this link through a blog I read occasionally of someone I work with..seems kind of neat..it's supposed to be done on Monday's but that's ok - let's pretend it's Monday - wait, let's not....

FOR TODAY 11/25/08

Outside my window...it's very dark and I'm loving it!

I am thinking...I wish it were Wed @ 3:30 pm

I am thankful for...my life - no matter how drama filled or frustrating - I wouldn't change it for the world

From the learning rooms...Cadence is learning "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" for her pre-school program on 12/30

From the kitchen...there will be leftovers tonite

I am wearing...the clothes that I put on this morning

I am creating...a warm & inviting home for Cadence to enjoy her childhood in, even if it's only until we buy a "real" house next year

I am going...to buy dog food tonite

I am reading...Delusion by Peter Abrahams

I am hoping...for one special thing

I am hearing...keyboard clicking

Around the house...are a "few" boxes

One of my favorite things...is watching Cadence in her extracurricular activites - she's always so happy!

A few plans for the rest of the week:Unpack (whoopee), make Thankgiving dinner w/Dennis, unpack & unpack - should be a great week!

Here is picture thought I am sharing...my dream home during the best time of the year...

From one storage site to the next

We have succeeded in emptying the storage shed we were renting. Sunday was the last trip from there, it's now empty & clean. I wish I could say the same for our apt. There are boxes upon boxes now. It's awful. There is a small path from the front door to the livingroom, where the path widens for a few feet and quickly becomes narrow again as you approach the kitchen.
I was thinking, if we could live in the kitchen for the next year & ignore the front 2 rooms, life would actually be ok. There is not an item to be put away in there. I have successfully emptied every "kitchen box" and put the items in them in a new home. It's beautiful.
The bathroom - also very clean & liveable..the utility room, well except for the dirty laundry laying in front of the washer that I meant to load this am - also very clean.
Thanksgiving is 2 days away - it's not as though it has to be immaculate, as it's only Alan, Jenny, Colin & possibly Jenny's dad stopping by. But dang…how about a place to chill for a minute? I guess depending on what the contents of the box are, you might find a nice squishy one to sit in. Of course, you are taking your chances that the box if full of pokey toys.
No cable either, not a great combination for a 4 day weekend, but we decided to put it off b/c there is no way a cable guy would be able to get around in this mess to get us connected.
THANK GOD for Netflix!!
As always - have a great evening & think of me as you watch your cable & know that…jealousy runs through my veins..

Friday, November 21, 2008

Progress…but not for long

I feel like I've accomplished so much - there is not a single box left to unpack and there isn't anything left fo find a place for. How awesome is that…but I'm getting too far ahead of myself. We still have to finish getting our things from storage. So long to the neatness of the house, so long to the empty front room, so long to having all the dishes done… ::sigh::
Hello boxes. Dennis is working on bringing as much as he can this am, while Cadence is spending time w/Ahrianna. I will pick up a load when I pick up Cadence & then leave early enough to get back to storage to pick up one more load before I pick up Dennis from work.
Tomorrow I will be going to get more boxes while Dennis is at work at the hosp. We're hoping to make 2 loads once he gets off. Our hope is to have it done by Sunday. So another weekend bites the dust. Oh well, at least it's only a 3 day work week next week AND a FOUR day weekend!
Keep your fingers crossed we're able to finish this weekend - it would be such a relief - a messy relief, but a relief!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Boxes & more boxes

I'm so ready to be done moving. I forgot how much I hate it and it hasn't even been that long since my last move! I hate it all, the packing, moving, unpacking, finding a spot for everything - it's just too much work!
So, with that being said, guess how we spent our weekend…that's right - moving. Fun stuff, I'll tell ya. For starters, I worked my butt off Fri nite at my moms - cleaning & packing the rest of the stuff we had there. A whole truck load all by MYSELF!! My mom & mike were sleeping and then my mom left & mike sat on the couch & read a book - dennis was at work - so I did it all! I moved a chair, and comp, and a tote and boxes and bags. My back was KILLING me!! I ached all over by the time I was done. I didn't think I was going to be able to do it, but if I waited for Dennis, then we'd have even less time to do the storage shed & my mom wasn't there so I sucked it up & got to it. I was sweating…yuck!
Sat Alan & Dennis got our new entertainment center.
Then they went & got our couch - don't even get me started on the couch drama from Friday! Than the 5 of us (Alan & Dennis in the truck & Me, Colin & Cadence in Aunt Vicki's van-hmm..how did I get stuck w/the kids?) Anyway, we went to storage & the kids watched the dvd player, while we loaded the truck & the van. FYI, it was FREEZING on Sat!! My fingers & nose hurt they were so cold.
Got that stuff unloaded & dropped Aunt Vicki's van back off & went home to bed. It was late, we were cold & dennis had to work Sunday morning.
Sunday I unpacked A LOT and cleaned up messes and was actually pleased with my progress. Then Dennis got home…which meant back to storage for me. We dropped Cadence off at Marge's so she could help celebrate Dallas' 14th b/day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALLAS!! Picked up Aunt Vicki's van again (thanks Aunt Vicki!) went to storage, than to my moms & back to unload. Picked Cadence back up, got gas in Aunt Vicki's van, dropped it off to her, went to Walmart, then home, had dinner & then went to bed.
Where did the weekend go?! Last note there was no moving! Just UNPACKING!! BLAH! Got a lot done though.
Tonite, more unpacking - probably a little moving tomorrow - you know, to fill up all the space I will have emptied tonite…oh well.
Have a great evening!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stuff x's 3

We officially started moving into our new place yesterday. I guess I didn't really post about it, but we are renting the downstairs of a 2-unit duplex. I guess the upstairs neighbors are ok…nothing special about them. He works at UPS, the girl works at Texas Roadhouse. They have a cute 5 yr old little boy - Cadence is thrilled. Hmmm…this family…they sound like someone I know… Oh yea, it's Alan, Jenny & Colin!
Not the best neighborhood, but the price is right. We're hoping to pay off this large bill we've recently received in the year we have the lease and be able to buy a house at the end of the year.
We got everything packed from my moms. Still have to get Dennis' tools from the garage & some of our stuff from the pole barn. Then Sat is the big one - storage. Yikes! We have a lot of stuff btwn Dennis, Cadence & myself - we had an 1800 sq foot house of stuff..now we're in a tiny duplex. Not quite sure where all the 'stuff' is gonna go - but we'll figure it out.
I do have a semi-good moving story - NOTHING like the last one - but I'll get to that at another time.
It was amazing to sleep in until 7 this am, not leave til 7:44 and still be at my desk at 7:59! Oh yea, that rocks.
I miss Selena & Nathan, I loved going over there in the evenings, but now we'll just have to make trips to each others houses to visit.
Guess that's it for now - I'll work on my latest move story & post soon - have a great Thursday!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I will only briefly touch on one of the biggest events in recent history - The NEW President - Barack Obama. How exciting to be a part of history - how exciting to look forward to the changes he is bringing to office. I had a bumper sticker on my myspace page "Too Poor to Vote Republican", but I felt it should say, "Too Smart to Vote Republican". My life has been turned upside down b/c of a republican & I am ready to sing from the trees that we have a democrat in there!
The NKOTB concert was AMAZING! We had an absolute blast & my love for Donnie has returned 10-fold! :)
We had a blast trick or treating. On Friday Selena & I took Cadence & Nathan & we ended up in Aunt Vicki's neighborhood & went with Alan, Jenny, Colin, Angie, Matt & Heaven. It's so nice to do it w/family b/c we all watch each others kids.
On Sat, Selena, Dennis & I took Nathan & Cadence to Weston, OH & they did a little more trick or treating - it was fun. It's a VERY small town & they had a community room & you could go in & have hot dogs & pop & side dishes - FOR FREE & relax. It was REALLY nice. Everyone there was so kind & welcoming. We really did have a good time.
Cadence continues to do well in pre-school & loves going every morning and Malachai is doing well in kindergarten.
Not really a lot to report here - going to the Toledo Christian Open House this weekend with the goal of entering Cadence. She loves going to the kids room at Church & is constantly singing about God when we leave, how wonderful would it be to give her that as an everyday environment?!
For now that's all I have to report - Be well & talk to you soon!