Thursday, March 27, 2008

WooHoo - it's ALMOST Friday!!!

Monday - Cadence started daycare full time. I was excited for her to be going everyday - I think going all day, every day will help her in a bunch of ways. She'll be around other kids, so she'll get lots of play time in. Playing w/other kids, will help her speech. She won't be in the house snacking w/dad all the time (dennis is a great dad, but when she's bored & wants to snack - he lets her). She'll be working on colors (she knows most of them), shapes (she know 5 shapes), her alphabet (she knows all of it but the l-p portion) & counting (she can count to 12). They will also work on writing & learning days of the week & months. I'm excited for her to learn these things. She's very smart & catches on to things quickly, but once she knows how to do it - if she's no longer challenged, she gets bored. Now, she'll be learning so many different things, she won't be bored anymore. Plus, not being stuck in the house, she'll have more to talk to Madison about on the phone!
She & Madison talk about 3x's a week - but Cadence usually only talks about the dogs or her toys. Madison goes to the babysitters, so her days have something different all the time & their conversations end up one sided & Madison gets bored when Cadence only talks about the dogs & toys.
Dennis picked up Cai from daycare & when I got home from work, made tacos for dinner. We dropped Cai off at Marge's so that Dennis & I could go to class at church. When we got to Marge's after class, Cadence was ready to come home. It had been a long day for her & I think she needed the comforts of home. Dennis pulled up in front of the house so that we didn't have to walk in the mud & as I was getting out, Cadence started crying b/c she thought I was going home & she was leaving again. She just kept saying, I want to go home too. I brought her in the house & she curled up on the couch next to me. We headed to bed around 9:45 - I was exhausted, but I think Cadence was fighting it. She kept talking & trying to stay awake. I finally got her to sleep & I was out before my head it the pillow.
Tuesday morning it was much easier to wake Cadence than yesterday. She was a little cranky in the bath, but once she was dressed, she was much happier. I dropped her off at daycare & she kissed me good bye. She was very shy, but I'm hoping it didn't last long & that she started playing. I only checked on her 1 time yesterday! I was so proud of myself… I'm not sure if it's b/c we didn't see each other much yesterday, but I felt like I had to check on her 10x's! I didn't, but I sure wanted to! When I picked her up, she didn't even want to leave. She was playing w/the blocks w/some little boy. I had to physically go over & carry her away from them.
Yesterday was a long day at work. When I got to the daycare to pick up Cadence, they were outside playing. I figured I'd never get her out of there. However, she was ready to leave (mostly b/c she had mud on her pants). On our way back through the daycare - she took me into her room to show me their art projects. She has made a flower & there's a picture of her in the middle & they also made caterpillars. They were very cute & she was very proud of her work. My mom was going to Alan's after she got off work to run him over to pick up a pizza - I suggested she should pick one up for me. She hung up laughing. Around 6:45, my brother called & said, meet mom outside in a minute, she's got a pizza for you. YAH MOM!! It was yummy & we didn't have to cook it - which made it even better!
This morning Cadence was ready to go to school, that's all she kept talking about - but again, when I dropped her off, she was very shy. It makes me sad, but they said she opens up & has fun not long after I leave.
As for tonite - not much planned, watching Ghost Hunters that was dvr'd last nite & doing some much needed laundry.
Tomorrow nite is home group for church - we're going to have a potato bar & salad for dinner.
Saturday is Dennis' 32nd b/day. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you look at it financially), he has was asked to work. It will be overtime at that point - so it will be worth it.

Since he'll be working, I'll be taking Ranger & Mohawk to the event. Here's to hoping they find their forever homes..
Cadence will go play with Madison - she's pretty excited about that!
Sunday is my weekend to volunteer at the Welcome Center at church - so I'm looking fwd to that.
Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Friday nite I was able to get the house cleaned up. I was pretty tired & crashed about 11:45.
Saturday I got up & finished dusting & mopping. I told Alan I'd babysit Colin while he went to get his car fixed. He dropped off Colin, boy was Cadence happy! Angie came over to work on her paper for school & brought Heaven, so the 3 kids got to play their little hearts out.
Angie left for work & I took Colin home. I went over to Lisa's to run her to the store. Heaven was the only one that was well behaved during the shopping trip. Of course, she was in Lisa's cart- so I would be good too! :)
After I dropped Lisa off, I went back home & got Dennis & we went to Church. The service was great & the music awesome. Although, the first time since we have attended, Cadence's # came up on the screen to pick her up. I went back there & it was Heaven crying. I brought her into the chapel (the auditorium was packed!) w/us & she sat quietly during the rest of the service. She was even clapping when they finished playing the music. We took Heaven to Aunt Vicki's after church & we went home to color eggs.
Cadence had a blast coloring the eggs - loved getting the coloring all over herself...Not long after coloring the eggs, she passed out. We carried her up to bed, hid the eggs, made her basket & went to bed ourselves.This morning we got up & Cadence came down to look for her eggs. She had a blast! She didn't even really care about the basket - well, until she found all the eggs. We made deviled eggs w/the colored eggs & then waited for the family to show up.

She was still pretty tired & ready for me to quit taking pics!
Mom, Lisa, Alan, Jenny, Chai, Colin, Tae & Mike all got here around 3. We had ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, stuffing, corn & biscuits. Dessert was brownies & apple pies. It was all delicious! And when my mom is around - there's always something burning up..this time it was a dish towel...
After they left, Cadence & I read some books, then she laid down to watch Ruby & Max. She was out by 7:30. Dennis carried her up to bed. The rest of the evening, Dennis & I are going to watch the dvr, since nothing good is on tv tonite.
Hope everyone had a great Easter!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's officially Spring...or so I've been told

So the rumor is that yesterday was the official first day of Spring. However, here in Toledo, OH...not so much. We're expecting a snow storm tonite w/3-6 in of snow by morning. Yippee.. I love snow - I love snow storms, but we've had our fair share this year & I'm quite ready for it to be done!
To catch you up on our past week -

The rest of Monday - Cadence made some cute Blarney Stones to celebrate St. Pat's Day. Dennis came home from the hospital & was pretty tired.

My Little Artist

That evening, Dennis & I went to the class at church, while Cadence stayed at home w/my mom. She woke up in a bad mood & was screaming for about 10 mins. My mom tried everything to get her to stop & finally yelled at her. That worked, when we got home, Cadence was quietly watching tv. Cadence had a rush of energy & instead of going to sleep - decided dancing was a better are some videos of her dancing..

Tuesday - Jenny called & asked if she could kidnap Cadence & take her w/them to Chuck E Cheese that evening. You didn't have to twist my arm - anything to make Cadence tired!
Havin fun @ Chuck E. Cheese

Wed - Cadence got to spend more time w/Uncle Alan, Aunt Jenny & Colin. They babysat her while Dennis & I worked. After work, we went to the hospital daycare to tour it. It's not only right at Dennis' work, but down the street from our house & right next to the e-way entrance (for me to go to work!). Cadence wanted to play, but we only stayed for 20 mins. Long enough to learn about the daycare. They have an accreditation by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, a division of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) - this recognition has been achieved by approximately 7% of early childhood programs nationwide. How could I pass up this wonderful opportunity?! So, Cadence starts on Monday! Wed evening, I brought Colin back to my house for awhile to give Alan a break from kids.

Thursday - When I got home from work, I really wanted to spend some time w/Cadence. I feel like I haven't been able to cuddle her & spend time w/her the last few days. They've just been so busy. She, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do w/me. I was a little offended. Finally, I gave up on trying to get some Caco love & watched a mini-One Tree Hill marathon. I was able to delete like 3 episodes off of my dvr - yah me! :)

Today - I just got home from running Dennis to work. I am going to take Cadence to Lisa's while I work. We only work a 1/2 day today, so when I get off I'll pick up Cai & take Lisa to get her phone fixed. Then I have to go to the daycare to turn in the paperwork & sign papers. Cadence will also get a chance to meet some of her new classmates & teachers.

When we're done at the daycare, we'll head over & get Dennis from work. He has a dentist appt this pm, so while he's there, Cadence & I can walk around the mall.

Tonite - I'll be spending the evening cleaning up. We're having Easter dinner here on Sunday, so I'd like to have it all done tonite so that tomorrow I'm not running around like a mad woman trying to get the house finished.

Tomorrow - I'll probably be taking Mohawk to the event & picking up our newest foster..Ranger. Dennis is still unsure if he's going to car care clinic tomorrow. It's been a LONG week for him - so he's thinking he may sit this one out..
Ranger...looking for his forever home..any takers?
Tomorrow evening we will be going to church & then come home to paint eggs for the Easter Bunny to hide. I'll send a quick update tomorrow nite & Sunday nite - Have a Happy Easter!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Erin Go Bragh!

It's been awhile since I've posted - so here's a quick update on the rest of last week...

Wed, I really did get my quiet day - it was great! Cadence & I chilled most of the evening playing & reading.

Thursday - well I don't really remember, so we must not have done anything too fun.

Friday - we went to dinner at McDonald's w/my mom. Cadence LOVES spending time w/her Nana.

Saturday - Dennis worked car care clinic at church. The family interested in Mohawk came over - they are GREAT!!! They can't adopt him until their dog is fixed. They'll find out if they can fix her 4/1. She had heart surgery right before Christmas to repair a whole in her heart. I LOVED the family - they were awesome!

Yesterday - It was my weekend to volunteer at the Welcome Center at church. Colin came over & played w/Cadence for a few hours. She was thrilled. Then Dennis made a fabulous dinner - a whole roasted chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans & stuffing! Yum!!

Cadence & Colin
Cadence & Colin making funny faces
Colin, Me & Cadence

Today, I have a vacation day & Dennis started @ Toledo Hospital. I talked to him during his first break @ 9. He said he's just been watching videos so far. He's soooo excited. He went to bed early last nite (he had to be up @ 6 this am). It was weird to sleep while he left for work! Cadence & I will be cleaning today (bathrooms, floors, dusting - you know - the fun stuff!). Later this afternoon, we're going do a cool St. Patty's Day craft for GG. You know, I'm thinking I was totally born to be a stay at home mom...just stupid money got in the way...

Cadence watching a little tv, this morning, before cleaning time..

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What's quiet nite?

Last nite, Dennis & I started the financial classes at church. It was very informative - we learned a lot and we're looking fwd to next weeks class. While we were at class, Cadence spent some time w/Nana & Mike. Then got to do what she really wanted...go to Uncle Alan's to play w/Colin! That's all she talked about all day, so she was very happy to get there. Unfortunately, she didn't stay long b/c we got there not long after she was dropped off.
, Alan called to see if I could watch Colin for him while they went to do laundry. I had already agreed help a friend get organized tonite, but she cancelled, so I agreed to watch Colin. I figured it'd be a semi-quiet nite - Colin to keep Cadence busy...much to my surprise, Lisa & Jody showed up w/their combined 5 kids. There went my dreams of a quiet nite in a clean house! That's ok though, not only did they bring pizza & pop, the kids ran non-stop & now Cadence has crashed! The kids all get along for the most part, so it's nice that they get to see each other once in awhile.
Jody & LisaNevaeh playing in my previously clean houseThe kids having funthe kids playingMalachai looking @ Jody's earrings-Cadence being nosey
Tomorrow I'm planning a FOR REAL quiet nite... Just Cadence & I. ::sigh:: I can't wait :) Have a great Wed - talk to you soon...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

An hour was stolen last nite..

Thursday I went to Lisa's after I ran to the store for dog food. Lisa took Chai & Cadence to the store w/her while she picked up some cleaning supplies. She bought the kids silly string & a toy They sprayed each other outside when they got back to Lisa's. That stuff smells awful. While she was at the store w/the 2 of them, Taevion & I spent some quality time together. He's so funny & such a boy. He walks around grunting & it's so cute.

Cadence w/the toy Aunt Sisa got her

Friday Dennis & Cadence built a legos train (at least that's what he said it was). Btw, I love when Dennis dresses her... After working over - Cadence & I went to dinner w/Dennis' mom, brother & Aunt Liz. On my way home, Dennis called & said he thought he was going to need a ride home from work. I figured that was ok b/c I was heading over to home group (sort of like a Bible study) from church and it's in Maumee. I got there late, but was happy to be there. It was my first time there & the ladies & (and 1 guy) were great. Denise (the lady that took Cai's 3 yr pics) also attends Cedar Creek & told me about the home group & I figure it's perfect b/c it's Friday nites, so I don't have to worry about Cadence being out late during the week & Dennis is at work. Cadence was happy to play w/Ahriana (Denise's 3 yr old daughter), so it works great! They switch who hosts it, so next week it will be at a house in Perrysburg. I ended up not needing to pick up Dennis, which was fine w/me b/c the roads were getting bad when I left & I would have had to wait for Dennis at least another 1/2 hr - which would have been another 1/2 hr of yucky weather messing up the roads.
Cadence in her cute outfit & fabulous hairdo - next to her legos train

Saturday when we woke up, there was A LOT of snow. Cadence was supposed to go to Madison's to play, but I wasn't sure she was going to be able to b/c the roads were in bad shape & it was still snowing. She was bummed b/c we had talked about her going to Madison's for 2 days. After talking to Sarah, I decided to go to work for some ot & have Dennis drop Cai off at Sarah's to play w/Madison. While we were doing that, Dennis went to Jeremy's & visited him for a few hours. He was happy to be out of the house & happy to see Jeremy - they hardly see each other anymore. When Dennis picked me up at work, we left to get Cadence. The quickest way there from downtown would be to get on 280 from the Greenbelt & go over that scary Veteran's Skyway Bridge. Let me tell you how awful it was to drive on that bridge in that weather. I was literally going 30 miles an hour. The bridge had not been salted or plowed anytime recently & I was gripping the steering wheel like I could have crushed it! When we finally got off, I realized I had been holding my breath (except for the few seconds of cussing @ Dennis b/c he was telling me to get in the other lane). We got Cadence, went to the store for some meat & went home for a quiet evening.
Going down Adams St. downtown - Sat pm
Today, we slept in til almost 11 & came down, had breakfast & cleaned up. Cadence talked to Colin on the phone for a little while - she hasn't seen him in a few weeks, I think she misses him. Our plans for the day are pretty simple - watch our dvr'd shows. We're at like 82% full b/c we tape shows & then get too busy to watch them.

Cadence talking to Colin on the phone & eating her Spongebob Gogurt
Tomorrow, Dennis has his physical for his new job @ Toledo Hospital. Then we have a financial class @ church tomorrow evening. Other than those 2 things, it should be a normal Monday - just working & chilling at home. Have a great week - hope to be back here on Wed w/some updates. :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Not much going on...just waiting on the weekend

Last nite we had a nasty storm - so when we went to vote, the polls weren't very busy. When we got home from voting - Dennis made dinner & we watched tv. Cadence played w/her Christmas present from Tina, which she carries w/her everywhere. She even sleeps w/that instead of her care bear now!
Cadence & I also took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other...we're dorks.

Tonite was a quiet nite - I came home from work, shoveled the sidewalk a little bit & came in & made dinner. Cadence & I played Dora Memory & then popped bubble wrap for like 15 mins. My hands were cramping from so much popping.
Ghost Hunters season premiere was on, but of course, I can't watch that by myself - so it's been dvr'd & I can't wait to watch it this weekend w/Dennis.
I did catch Cadence taking pictures of herself w/my camera while I was making dinner. It looks like she could be an artist or at the very least - have her own myspace page.

No big plans for tomorrow - just like tonite, I'll just come home & clean up & play w/the princess. I'd like to finish book 13 (I've been reading it forever - keep reading like 10 or 20 pages & forgetting where I'm at, so I re-read 10 of the previously read pages...grrr...

Looking forward to this weekend - Dennis has car care clinic again & of course, the event. I'm HOPING Mohawk gets adopted. I love him, but he needs his forever home! Of course, church on Sunday & other than those 3 things (& maybe some ot at work), we are doing nothing!!

Hope you have a great Thursday...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Our past weekend & Monday

Friday was supposed to be Lisa's tattoo party at my house, but the guy was sick & cancelled last minute. That was fine w/me b/c I was tired & didn't feel like a house full of not only people..but kids!! I spent the evening relaxing & playing with Cadence. We played Dora Candyland & then she was bored w/me & wanted to watch Little Bill. She is facinated w/that show. This last episode Little Bill & his classmates sent mail to each other - now she wants to send mail ALL the time! Ever piece of paper she gets, she folds & says "Here's my mail".
Saturday was super busy..we woke up early (well early for a weekend!), I took Dennis to the church's car care clinic for him to volunteer & dropped him off, took Cadence to Angie's to play w/Heaven & took Mohawk & Blue Eyes to the event. I left them there with the knowledge that Blue Eyes wouldn't be coming home w/us b/c someone had adopted her Fri nite. :(
Blue Eyes
Mohawk - still looking for his forever home..hint, hint..

I went to work from 11:30-2 and got a lot of stuff off my desk. It was nice b/c the phone wasn't ringing & I didn't have to worry about picking up odd things to do. I could focus completely on my work.
After I left work, I went back to the event & picked up Mohawk & then to Angie's to pick up Heaven & Cadence. We went & picked up Dennis & then Madison. What a fun ride that was. The girls took the whole back seat, so Mohawk laid on the floor of the passenger seat while I kept my feet on the dashboard. Thankfully, it only took us about 20 mins to get home.
When we got home, we unloaded the girls & the dog & took them in the house to play. It was about 4:30 at that point & thankfully, we had made plans to have dinner @ Dennis' mom's house. It was a blessing in disguise b/c I can't imagine having to cook while the 3 girls ran around like wild animals!

Madison, Heaven & Cadence

We went to Dennis' mom's at about 5:30 & she had the table set up & dinner ready when we walked in the door! Thanks Marge! She had salad, meat lasagna & veggie lasagna, garlic bread & for dessert - eclairs. Dinner was great & the eclairs better.

We left his mom's & stopped @ Krogers b/c I wanted pop & we needed dog food. Walking through the store w/3 3yr old girls was a challenge. They were really good, but they held hands and took up the whole aisle.

When we got home, they played non-stop. It looked like a tornado went through the back room. Around 10, Heaven came out and laid on the couch & watched tv w/us.
Heaven watching tv w/us
At 10:30, I had the Cadence & Madison put on their jammies. Angie came & picked up Heaven & then Sarah & Jeremy ended up coming back into town, so they came & got Madison.
I got to bed around 1 & fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow!!

Sunday, we got up for church - we had to be there early b/c I was working the Welcome Center this weekend. We got in & I checked in, the prayer w/the volunteers was said & I went out to the WC. I volunteer w/Pastor Lee's (the senior pastor) wife, Joi & her sister, the office manager, Jyl. They are very kind & I enjoy working w/them.
The message was about Hope - Lee gave a good sermon & towards the end he talked about all the great things Cedar Creek is doing 'Beyond Our Walls'. They showed some footage of the awesome things going on - the mission trips have lead to an orphanage for children that are infected with AID's & have lost their parents to the disease being built.
They showed a church in New Orleans that had mostly wind damage from Hurricane Katrina that Cedar Creek helped rebuild w/funds that they sent down.
Lastly they were showing things they do here - including after school programs for inner city kids - Adopt Christmas/Easter kids, Car Care Clinic for single moms & low income families - the work that is being done is great & I'm thrilled that God has brought us there to be a part of it.

Sunday evening was basically chill time - we had dinner early (around 4) and watched stuff we had dvr'd the past week.

Today was basically like every other Monday. I went to work & got off @ 4:30. I needed to run to the store, so I went straight there after work & stopped by Tina's to FINALLY drop off Justin's Christmas gifts (better late than never, right? - I suck!) Then I came home & made dinner & played My Little Pony's (including the 2 new ones she got as b/day gifts from Tina - thanks Tina & Justin - she loves them!) w/Cadence. She went to bed around 8:30 & of course, that was drama - she's learning to sleep all nite in her bed instead of ours. So after a million drinks & trips to go potty & of course she wanted her pink silpy instead of her purple one - oh and her teddy bear, she FINALLY fell asleep. Here's to hoping she stays in her bed all nite..

Well, I'm off to bed too - Have a great Tuesday!