Monday, June 18, 2012

RIP Bud Bud

When we first picked out a kitten for Bryleigh, we picked out a small male, which we named Bud-Bud.  He was cuddly, but very food aggressive.  It was obscene, actually, the way he tried to get food from us.
After he bit Bry in the mouth trying to get food out of it, we decided to get a different kitten.
So, off to my brothers we went, gave him Bud-Bud & took Maizey (fka Too). 
Bud-Bud enjoyed hanging out w/his brothers & sister again...he played all day long - cuddled at nite and still liked table food.
Alan's friend watned a kitten & so, Alan gave him Bud-Bud.  He was doing great & getting big & enjoying his attention.  Then one nite, they called Alan & said that he was breathing funny & they didn't know what was wrong.  Within the hour, Bud-Bud had passed away.

I feel terrible and think that maybe if we had just kept locking him up while we ate, he would still be alive.

See you at the bridge...


Saturday, June 9, 2012

End of Year Gifts

Since this is only my 2nd yr of being a mom to a kid in school, I didn't do anything last year for the kids, but I made up w/it for her teacher's gifts
This year, I may have slacked on the teacher gift (I feel so terrible), but gave the kids something fun, too.
I was on pinterest, searching for end of year teacher gift ideas and ran across this...loved it!  And loved how inexpensive it would be to put together for 20 kids.
So, after a quick trip to the store - we put these together in time for Cadence to give them to the kids in her class!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Falcon Strut

A few weeks ago Cadence’s school had a walk-a-thon to help raise money for school supplies and expenses.
Cadence raised $160 between, my mom, Dennis’ mom, Aunt Vicki, my work & Greg. She was super excited about raising money.

I was bummed that I wasn’t able to take off to be with her at the walk-a-thon – but my mom went over for about an hour and then Dennis stopped with Bryleigh for about a ½ hour.
Cadence was happy her baby sister was able to walk with her! And thankfully, Dennis took plenty of pictures for me :)

As of today, she’s even more excited it’s her last day of school. While most parents dread this day, I’m pretty excited too. She can stay up a little later to visit with me and I don’t have to argue with her in the morning to get out of bed & get ready! WOO!

I’m also pretty geeked about the Teacher Gift & class gifts we did for the end of the year this year. I’ll have to put together a post soon…