Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adieu to 2009….

It's been months - 3, actually, since I've blogged. Like everyone else, my reason is life… it tends to take up most of my time.
In the last 3 months, we've bought a new house, moved, semi unpacked (waiting for holidays to be finished for the complete unpacking), unpacked Thanksgiving stuff, re-packed Thanksgiving stuff, unpacked Christmas stuff & currently waiting to re-pack Christmas stuff.

In between all the unpacking & re-packing, we've went to Christmas parties, had "game nite", worked, cheered, watched movies, visited the library, visited the pediatrician (more times than I care to count), hosted Thanksgiving dinner & finally enjoyed our time together as a family of four in our new home!

On a side note, I'm looking forward to taking down the tree this gramma thinks it's bad luck to take down your tree before the New Year. Call me silly, but we've actually had a good 3 months, so I'm not going to rub my luck the wrong way!
Our home is wonderful - pictures to come soon - I promise. 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2000 square feet, wood burning fireplace!! We've already painted our family room & plan to paint all the rooms after the holiday stuff is behind us.

As we bid farewell to 2009, we're looking forward to closing it out (or as close to midnite as we can make it!) w/great friends - Michele & David & their family & friends.
Tomorrow, my g/f Amy will come over to visit & this weekend will be about packing away Christmas decorations until next December.

The only downfall of our home is dsl is not offered in our area…ugh…we currently have dial-up which pretty much makes the computer my enemy. We're going to have to suck it up & go back to cablevision. We're just waiting to see what kind of deals they'll have in the New Year. Until then, my updates will be sporadic.

To finish this post…here is my look back on 2009…

The beginning of 2009 was the beginning of my pregnancy w/Bryleigh. The dr appts & anticipation of the new arrival were always foremost in our minds, but other things occupying our time were…

Enjoying b/day parties for Marge & Aunt Sandy in January.

And along came February & the 1st b/day party of that month was Aislynne's 3rd. Anniversaries (Alan & Jenny) & B/days (Joey, Bobbie, Trixie & Luke). And a brand new birthday to be celebrated - Mason.

March was chilly & busy. Cheer & b/days (Gage, Josh, Omie, Val, Aaron, Dennis & Michael). Dinner w/Sarah & our girls was enjoyed…as well as us taking Cadence to see Monsters vs Aliens.

April held my 20 wk pregnancy mark! Whoa 1/2 way there!! We had b/day's (Andrea, Jacob, Erica, Tiff, Matt & Brian) a 2 yr anniversary (Tony & Val) & Easter egg hunts & Easter.

May flew right by…ob dr. appts & glucose testing - yuck. Birthdays celebrated (Uncle Butch, Randi, Sierra, Kasey, Selena, Jenny, Bella & Cheyenne)…a 4 yr anniversary (Aaron& Bobbie)..We took Cadence & Madison to the Memorial Day parade downtown…& enjoyed Cai's cheer banquet.

June brought my 30 wk pregnancy mark - counting them down quickly now…more appts, ultrasounds & birthdays (Heather, Angie, Michele, Jody, Kari, Jeremy)…bridal shower (Lindsay), birth (Sormane Jr.) church festivals & the Cherry & Strawberry Festivals…fireworks in the Point w/a quick meal before hand at Cindy & Chucks.

July not only brought my maternity leave but more b/days (Sarah, Timmy, Lisa, Nathan, Alan, Justin), two baby showers for me, a shower for Angie & a wedding (Beth). A fun party at Sarah’s for the 4th & fireworks after.

August was a great month for us b/c our 2nd child was born! Cadence & I hit the zoo on 8/3 w/Sarah & her kids & the walking helped me go dilate! 8/6 Bryleigh Noelle was born! 8/7 Maizen Blue was born. Anniversaries celebrated (Aunt Vicki & Jay – Brian & Becky – Dennis & I)…b/day’s (Gramma, Matt, Alyssa & Tori) weddings! (Heather & Jerry – Lindsay & Troy – Uncle Tracy & Diana)…

September was busy w/dr appts & b/days (Bella, Cruz, Valerie, Aunt Sharon, Ahrianna, Colin, David, Averi, Maddix, Andrea, Nevaeh) a quince (Selena), a baby shower (Bobbie), Bryleigh’s baptism, Anniversaries (Trixie & Chad, Jaquie & Sormane), trick or treating at the campground & Stephen is born…

October, I was already back to work & cheer was in full swing…b/day’s (Dominic, Jenny, Brandon, Shannon, Taevion, Kennedy, Wendy, Becky, me), anniversaries (Matt & Mindy, Pat & Erica, Jeremy & Heather), a birth (Austin Michael!!) & Stacey Family Camping trip.

November was quick & to the point…a few b/days (Dallas, DeeAnn) a birth (ADAM JOHN!), we moved into our new home! & hosted Thanksgiving dinner!

December was busy! B/days Galore (Aunt Claire, Uncle Rick, Uncle Jay, Jaquie, Aunt Sis, Kathleen (18!!), Emily, Dj, Madison, Tina, Cadence, Mom & Aunt Vicki!) Anniversary (Uncle Rick & Aunt Claire) we took Cadence to “The Night Before Christmas, the Whole Story” at the Valentine Theatre, Christmas shopping & Andrea watched the girls for us!, Christmas & a game nite at our home…

And now it’s 12/31/09….and we’re off to Michele & David’s..