Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chai & Cadence

Monday's are Malachai's tutoring which means he's at school until 5:15. Lisa is already at work & someone usually needs to go pick him up from school. Since Dennis is on vacation this week, he went & picked him up while I picked up Cadence from daycare. We got home, I changed & we left to go to the park. It was so pretty out I didn't want to waste the day inside - not to mention that once again, they didn't go out at daycare…grrr.
We went to Asbury Park a couple miles from our house. It's a nice, quiet neighborhood & suprisingly, there were no other kids on the playground.
Cadence & Chai ran & played & played & played!
This is me standing above Malachai - who is under the playground equipment - do you see him?

I couldn't open this brand new bottle of Gatorade - I told Chai to take it to Dennis to open, to which he replied "I can do it". I shrugged - whatever.
Only he did it! Then I told him, I loosened it - he rolled his eyes & walked away!

Dennis played tag w/them & he almost had Chai - but amazingly, the tree became base - so Chai was safe!

After an hour, we left - it was 1/4 til 7 & we had to get Chai to daycare & Cadence home for dinner.
We got to daycare @ 7:04 & they asked if Chai had eaten, I said, no, she said, well he needs to be here by 7 in order to eat. Seriously, oh…. So, I said, ok, let's go Chai, we have to get you something to eat.
We stopped & got him McD's & took him back.
When we got home, Cadence ate, took her bath & crashed. It was a long day & she was exhausted. So was I!


Today was Dennis' 33rd b/day, so yesterday we went to the Monsters vs. Aliens & took Cadence. It was a nice way to get out of the house & do something for his b/day. I'm sure he would have picked a different movie, but I thought it would be nice to do something to celebrate it w/the 3 of us.
The movie was no where near as good as the previews made it to be. I mean it wasn't bad, but I wasn't really impressed.
I made a cake & we had fettucini alfredo & grilled chicken for dinner. It was yummy!
Cadence arranged the candles all by herself!

His present was a shirt & a keychain. He was happy.

Alan & Colin came down & sang Happy Birthday & had some cake. It was small & to the point.

Cadence loves licking the frosting off the candles!

This Friday, my mom is making him a roast dinner - he's really looking forward to that!
Malachai is staying the nite, so at least I don't have to make dinner for an extra kid. :)
Saturday we're taking Cadence & Chai to get their pics w/the Easter Bunny & then to go on an egg hunt. Both are free, so we can't pass them up!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to http://www.mycharmingkids.net">her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

When Cadence wanted to play with me, I didn't blow her off by having Colin come over, so I could watch tv & read. Nope, not me, b/c how selfish would that be?

When I was hungry for lunch yesterday, instead of getting up & making a sandwich, I didn't finish off a box of movie theatre candy & popcorn from the movies the nite before. How unhealthy would that be, especially when I'm pregnant. Nope, I wouldn't do that, not me!

When I was tired & wanted to sleep in on Sat & Cadence wanted to get up, I didn't pretend to be asleep the whole time she was in my face saying, Mommy, it's time to rise & shine - nope, not me b/c that wouldn't be very nice.

I wouldn't insist on going to the store to buy frozen french fries & cheese sauce b/c I was craving it so badly, then decide it's far too much work to prepare them - nope, not me!

And of course, I would never say "Cadence, why did you do that?" So that I could make it sound like there was some sort of drama I had to attend to, so that I could hang up w/my husband. Ha - why would I ever do such a thing? I'm a good, attentive wife, so nope, I wouldn't do that, not me!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sarah & I hadn't gotten together in awhile, our work schedules sometimes clash & most of our conversations are when Sarah is driving home from work. If my phone rings at 7:40 I know w/o looking at my phone, who is calling.
And if you call me btwn 7:40 & 8 and I don't answer, you now know why.
Anyway, she invited me to dinner & to take the kids to the park. Cadence has been missing Madison terribly, so I said, let's do it.
I met her at TX Roadhouse & got this wonderful server - Jenny - if you go to the TX Roadhouse on Airport - ask for her section & tip her well!
I was surprised to only see Madison w/her - Cadence was thrilled to see Madison!
We ate & talked & complained - it was very therapeutic.
After we finished eating, we were heading to the park. I took Madison w/me & Sarah was long gone before I even backed out of my parking spot.
I get to the park & Sarah isn't there. So I call her, thinking maybe she turned the wrong way on Airport. I said, wow - how convenient that I end up w/both the kids & you leave before me & I'm at the park before you…hmmm..that seemed planned.
She laughed & joined us 5 mins later.

We sat & talked & laughed some more - at least for a 1/2 hr. Finally, we buckled to the cold & went home.

Cadence slept VERY well Friday nite! All that fresh air does wonders for knocking kids out.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The 2 week wait…

4/10 is my 21 wk u/s that we are hoping will tell us if Cadence is going to have a little sister or a little brother!
We're both so excited for this appointment and we're going to take Cadence with us. I'm certain she's going to get a kick out of seeing the baby.
I wish so much that this appt was sooner, but having high risk appts & seeing the regular OB, I don't want to miss too much work. I need to save time for my maternity leave and then for when I get back.
For this appointment, I won't even have to miss any work. It's at 3:15 & b/c it's Good Friday, we get to leave the office @ 1. Convenient, right?! Especially since I have a follow up appointment w/Dr. B the following Thursday @ 3 & am going to have to miss about 45 mins of work for that.
I'm still feeling pretty good, although for the last few days I have been a little more tired than usual.
Last nite Colin came down to play with Cadence for a few hours. It was a great distraction b/c I just wanted to relax and usually in the evenings, I spend the whole time playing/reading/arguing with her.
The weekend is going to be slow & I'm quite looking forward to it. Dennis' b/day is Sunday - so we'll have cake & ice cream & if it's warmer in the afternoon, go to the park.
Tonite, I'm going to go to the park w/Sarah, Dominic, Madison & Cadence. That should tire her out quite well! :)
In other news, we're looking into moving Cadence from the Y, sooner rather than later. My intentions have been to leave her there b/c she LOVES her swimming lessons & I think like the familiarity of being w/Heaven. But it is such a LONG drive & they don't take infants. We talked about it & thought leaving her there until the baby was born, so that things weren't completely out of whack for her - new school, new baby, new routine..sharing mom & dad - I didn't want her to have a breakdown. The plan was leave her in full time the first 2 wks after having the baby, then let her stay home w/us for a week, then send her back 2-3 days during week 4 & 5 of maternity leave & leave her home my last week off. When I'd start back to work, I was going to be taking both of them to a daycare much closer - one that I was still trying to find.
Today, I was just looking at some of the daycares closer to work & found the Childrens Discovery Center right DOWNTOWN!! 4 BLOCKS from my work!! That's perfect. We'll save so much on gas & time. I called Dennis & told him about it, so we're going to discuss it this weekend.
To be honest, while Cadence may enjoy swim lessons & art class, I really don't like it. I mean, it's not that I don't like it, but I don’t get the same vibe I got when I'd pick her up from TH. There they were outside playing ALL the time and ALL the teachers were so kind & we would carry on 10 min conversations over everything - not just about daycare. The Y does not go outside, even when it's nice out. I don't get that. Since last Wed, they've only gone out ONE time. That's ridiculous.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The last week has been so busy, I'm happy for it to be done!
We spent 3 days at practice, to get the girls ready for Sats competition in Kettering. They did a really good job, I was so proud of Cadence. The last few exhibitions that we've been too, she's frozen in the beginning then then finally warms up & puts some effort into it at the end. This time around, she did really good beginning to end!
She & the other girls are lucky to have such patient & caring coaches. Us moms are too - I don't fret leaving her in their hands.
There was that one coach at her gymnastics class @ Exceleration that was so awful. She did not need to be working around children - that was for sure. But Cadence only had her two times & we never saw her again, guess she figured it out too.
Not much going on in the baby world. I had an u/s last Thurs & the dr was running an hour late & didn't really spend much time w/me (in effort to try and catch up, I presume), but that meant she didn't really give any attempt to see what the baby is.
It's fine, but a little dissapointing. I get that she was behind, but I had been waiting over an hour to see her, so can I get 10 mins of your time, please?
My next u/s is 4/10 & it will be at the high risk dr. Please say a small prayer (I know this is a bit selfish) that we don't get the un-friendly u/s tech AGAIN. I've had her the 2x's I've had u/s's there & she's awful.
Also, our baby is now about the size of a can of soup. I've attached a picture of baby - who do you think he/she resembles? I can see a lot of Cadence, w/the blond hair and all- haha.
Not many plans for the coming days. I have a dentist appt & cheer tomorrow & have to get blood work sometime this week.
I like it low-key. Looking forward to doing a lot of relaxing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

List maker, blah, blah, blah

I have an annoying, obsessive habit of making lists. It drives me crazy. I just feel so accomplished w/them.
Next weekend, we'll be heading to Kettering for CSE's first real competition. I've already started the lists.
We're not staying overnite - but it's gonna be a long ride & a long day.
Dennis rolled his eyes when he saw what I was doing...
"really?" he says...
whatever - at least I'm prepared! :)

Cadence has this new thing...she says blah, blah, blah. I didn't realize I said it, until the other day, but yea, apparently I do.
"Cadence, go pick up your toys & put them in the toy box" I say.
"Go pick up the toys & put them in your toy box, blah, blah, blah" Cadence says under her breath.
I can't say anything b/c it's hilarious! I mean, she's only said it a few times, but I did tell her after the 2nd or 3rd time, it's not polite...not polite but so funny!

So impatient..

On one week & 2 days I will be heading to the drs for my 18 wk check up. I'm HOPING that when she does the u/s (I get one at every appt), she will take a peek for the sex.
Does it matter? No - but do I HAVE to know - YES!
I'm so impatient - I would have been happy to know at conception. Is anything going to change if I know- not really, but I do hate suprises.
It would be nice to prepare Cadence for what will be joining us in 23 wks - a brother or a sister. I mean, other than that, there is no reason for me to need to know, other than complete impatience.
So for the next 9 days, I will be driving myself crazy, wondering what we're having…and that's even if she looks or if she can even see anything…
Oh Baby!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Big sister material

Yesterday I had to have my blood drawn for my quad screen & to check the thickness/thinness of my blood. I had to go straight after work, so Dennis picked Cadence up for me & brought her to me at work.
We headed straight to the lab & after checking in, sat & waited for my turn.
There was a guy there w/his 6 month old son. He was so cute (the baby, hehe) and Cadence was making him laugh.
When they went back, Cadence sat next to me & said, what are we here for. I said, well they're going to put a shot in mommy's arm & take some blood to make sure I'm not sick.
She said, you have shots at home.
I said, it's different shots - this hurts a little.
She said, ok.
A few minutes later, the baby started screaming. Cadence's eyes got really big & she ran over to me.
"What's wrong w/the baby?"
I said, they had to put a shot in his arm & take some of his blood & it hurts.
She was standing in front of me & placed her hands on my stomach & said, you don't have the baby in your belly anymore.
I said, I don't?
She said, no, the baby is in my belly now.
I said, ok - why?
She said, so the baby doesn't get hurt when they give you your shot..
After I was done getting the blood work & we were walking back to the elevator, she said, ok, the baby is back in your belly now..
She's gonna be a good big sister!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trophies & Dogs

One of the things Cadence's coach did to get the girls excited about their first exhibition was to tell them that they were going to get a trophy for doing such a good job! How exciting - it's all Cadence talked about. Everytime we'd walk into the gym, she'd point to the few dozen trophies already on the wall & say "I'm gonna get a trophy, momma!".
I tried numerous times to explain to her that the trophy was for the WHOLE team, but she ignored my rational comments.
Fast forward to the 1st exhibition at Lake…trophy time…ONE big trophy - Cadence trying to figure out why she doesn't have one.
It's hard to explain to a just turned 4 yr old that she doesn't get to take it home. She was really upset b/c it's all she looked forward to.
Fast forward a few more weeks to their 2nd exhibition - where again, they get ONE trophy. This time she expected it & just looked at me from the bleachers, frowned & shrugged her shoulders as she passed it on to the next girl on her team.
Dennis & I looked for one we could give her, that way she wouldn't feel ripped off. It was too no avail. I talked about it at work & last Sat CSE had their family & friends day. Andrea came & didn't come empty handed - that's right - she found a trophy!!
Although Cadence didn't show much appreciation at the time, she said thank you, but acted all shy (grrr…I hate it when she acts like that!), she did give Andrea a REAL hug when she left.
The trophy has become an appendage for her. It's quite silly actually. She takes it everywhere. She sleeps w/it, carries it randomly around the house, had her Spiderman kiss it…she loves it.
Today, my phone rings - I look at the caller id - Nikki (the foster coordinator for PPI)…hmmm…I'm hoping everything is ok. I just read an email from her the day before that one of the fosters homes burnt to the ground & their dogs died in the fire. 2 of their own & 3 PPI dogs. One was Jefferson & although he wasn't my foster, I had helped them out w/him before. I cried a lot after that email. I can't imagine coming home to your house being gone & your wonderful pets having perished in the fire.
Thank God the family was safe.
So I answer my phone & she asks me how I'm feeling - how's the pregnancy…then she says, I have kind of a favor to ask.
I get excited, knowing it's most likely foster related. No, I know I CANNOT do a foster at this point, not in an apt, but still..it's nice to dream.
I say ok..she asks if I can dog sit for TWO days ONLY. Nothing long term…calm down.
I of course can't wait to say, of course. She explains they're going out of town on Fri morn & will be back on Sun. They have a dog sitter coming a few times a day to feed her dogs & let them out, etc, but Sweet Girl has to be crated b/c she likes her daughters toys & that would mean she'd be caged from Fri-Sun w/about 2-3 hrs of free time.
While she's explaining to me what Sweet Girl is like, Dennis says, Who is that? I mouth Nikki…he squints his eyes at me. I laugh & tell Nikki, who also cracks up. I tell him, calm down - it's just a dog sitting thing.
He shrugs & walks away. So, this Fri-Sun, we will be opening our home to a beautiful pup, Sweet Girl, who is available for adoption @ Planned Pethood.