Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 1 – Your current relationship

My current relationship is (mostly) happily married. I kid, I kid. We are happily married for 8 years, with our 9th anniversary a month away!
Prior to getting married, we were together 7 years. Yep, add it up kiddos, that’s almost 16 years together! Whoa!!
That makes me sound really old.

Dennis & I have been dating since I was 18 & have lived together since I was 20. It wasn’t all rainbows & kittens, but 16 years later, we work together well & rarely argue. Not sure if it’s time or Zoloft I should thank for that – haha.

We met through one of my best friends, Heather. We’ve had more than our fair share of bumps in our journey, but it’s for sure made us a better couple.

Dennis is a great guy…he’s got a short fuse, which he’s working on & he talks too much, which gets annoying – but we’ve never passed a stranded motorist w/o him stopping to help. He’s never said no, even if he’s mad, at helping a family member. Short fuses & talking don’t even rate with a heart as big as his!

So I’d say I’m a pretty lucky girl & I can’t wait to be celebrating our next 16 years together!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

30 Days of Blogging Series

There's a blog I read that someone I used to work with writes.  Every few weeks, I stop in to see how her little ones are growing. 
She too has had multiple miscarriages and high risk pregnancies, including taking lovenox shots with her daughter.

She's doing a series called 30 Days of Blogging.  I thought it sounded like fun, but I've been so busy, I didn't want to take the time to sit down and start.

Well, I'm finally ready - things are slowing down a bit with fundraising...I'm looking forward to participating, I think it will be fun!  Below are the topics...

As you can see - some of the questions are pretty similar - so in that instance, I will change the question.

Starting tomorrow, you'll be enjoying 30 days of blogging...I hope you enjoy reading them, as much as I enjoy writing them!

Monday, July 25, 2011

An evening vacation...

va ca tion (noun) 1. Break from work…a period of time devoted to rest, travel, or recreation

We have not been able to take a real (at least in my book) vacation in awhile – but any time we can get away and rest is a good time indeed. So a couple of weeks ago we loaded up the girls, Cai’s friend Mackenzie included, and took them out to my girlfriend’s campground in Indiana. It’s a little over an hours’ drive on the turnpike and once we arrived – we could put into words, how worth the drive it was!
The campground, while VERY little, was so quiet and serene. The lake was warm and thankfully, did not smell. The heat was not unbearable and the food was yummy.

The girls swam and ran and were fast asleep when we loaded them up 5 hours later. I cannot wait to make the journey out again – hopefully for longer than 5 hours.

on the road

cheesin it


Buddy swimming

How does he get out? Like everyone else - he climbs up the ladder!

Sunset ride

MacKenzie & Cadence


Bry is a little tired


my girls

my princess

I hope you have been able to enjoy a time of rest as well!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Laughter is an instant vacation!

Though it’s summer, which means summer VACATION – for Cadence, that is. It’s been anything but.
She has 4 hours of practice a week and fundraising on the weekends. She’s a trooper and rarely complains.
At least one day of our weekend is usually spent fundraising…either canning or car washing. The girls work their butts off to make money for their accounts and occasionally have fun doing it.






Meanwhile, on the days when it’s not boiling hot outside and there isn’t a fundraiser happening, the girls love to run around barefoot in our soft green grass. Although with scorching heat and sun as of late, our grass is more like a crunchy brown.





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Bryleigh’s favorite game is tag! She even cons Cadence’s friends into playing with her.









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This weekend we are going to the funeral of a family friend. She was a funny woman that I have many memories of.

Some time Saturday there is canning at the gas station and of course my volunteer day at the 577 Foundation.
The temperature isn’t supposed to be under 90 all weekend, so unless we are one of the above events, we’ll be in the house trying not to move!

And just because he's so scrumptious..a picture of Aiden...

I hope your part of the map is cooler than ours!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th of July Fireworks & Lunch with the Family

We didn’t just lay back and do nothing the weekend of the 4th – I worked the Woodville 4th of July Celebration. Cadence’s team had a booth there to sell candy/pop/water/suckers/bracelets, etc to raise money for their accounts.

I think the booth came together nicely!!

The night before the 4th, Toledo had its fireworks display – so we went over to my friend Shannon’s, cooked out, watched fireworks had a good time. After Toledo’s fireworks, we watched another show Johnny put on with the fireworks they had bought – East Side style – in the road…ha!

4th of July in my family means lunch at Gramma’s campground. We all drive out to her place, play games, cook food & eat.

There’s always at least one conflict involved, last year it was the cousins with an uncle, this year it was my siblings & I w/my mom.

Sometimes it’s funny – you know, when it’s not you…but mostly it’s expected. Though, I will say the year I was at Sarah’s instead, was pretty awesome. No conflicts and everyone left happy. Weird.

It was a hot weekend, but so worth it to be with the family and great friends!

Getting ready to go to GG's

Dennis & B

Kennedy & Shannon

Shannon & Kennedy

Shannon, Johnny & Kennedy



Johnny lighting off more fireworks


Shannon's party
Bryleigh & Aiden @ Gramma's

Mindy & Aunt Vicki

Aunt Vicki & Gramma

Randi & Lisa

Alan & Jenny

Colin, Taevion, Dj & Bry

Matt & Uncle Jay

Cadence & Heaven
Mindy & Matt

Mom, Gramma & Aunt Vicki

Randi & Aiden

Lisa, Alan, Me, Mom

the family  <3



Matt, Maizen & Angie
Angie, Uncle Jay, Randi, Heaven & Dj

Malachai & Heaven

Jenny & Alan

Taevion & Malachai

Taevion, Alan, Malachai