Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lovella Contest

I was catching up on my weekly blog reading & what should I come across? Another giveaway hosted by Megan @ In This Wonderful Life!
It’s a $25 credit @ the Lovella Boutique on Etsy. They have some of the cutest bows EVER! I’m in love with the x-large ones myself.

Anyway – check out the boutique, check out the blog, enter the CONTEST HERE & good luck!!

PS. Anything you win has to be shared with me! HA!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cheer Soxx Bigger & Better contest…

The last contest Cheer Soxx had was good..but this’s BIGGER & BETTER!! They are giving away $300 in merchandise to the person w/the most likes on their ‘cheer face’ picture!
Got a picture of Cadence winking away

– entered it & started begging friends on fb to vote!
I’ve been posting almost every day to vote on facebook, I’m going to ask you here & now…please vote for Cadence!
It’s not hard to do – you ‘like’ the Cheer Soxx facebook page, then find Cadence’s picture on their wall pictures & ‘like’ her picture!

Seriously – how cute would she be sporting a pair of these bad boys @ her next comp?!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Overnite Guest, 31 & relaxation..

Friday Emily stayed the nite – it was nice to see her, she hasn’t been allowed to stay in months…like a typical teenager she was more interested in playing on facebook than hanging out w/us, but she did spend some time with & even emptied the dishwasher before she went to sleep!

Saturday I went to a 31 party @ Michele’s. If you’ve never been to one, don’t go – you’ll want to buy everything! I was able to pick out a nice wallet for Cadence’s cheer sister & a tote to hold my groceries in the back of the van!

Sunday we went to the grocery store & then we came home to relaxing w/the girls & dennis...

a pic of me & my baby..

I can never decide if I enjoy low key weekends or fun filled weekends more… All I can say for sure is this low key weekend was pretty awesome!

Monday, March 21, 2011

End of winter, Beginning of Spring blahs?

Rainy/Snowy weather got ya down? Ready to get out & enjoy some good weather but Mother Nature isn't helping you out?
Check out this blog & prepare to laugh your butt off!
I PROMISE - Allie's blog is worth your time...
Feel free to stop back by & let me know what you thought!

Hyperbole and a Half

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sleep, rather, the lack of sleep…

Bryleigh’s sleep pattern has never been consistent..from sleeping for 2 hrs at a time, to sleeping most of the night but waking up twice, she is now in a super funky stage..she falls asleep perfectly & wakes up bawling an hour later. Calming her down is practically impossible. Leaving her in the crib to ‘cry it out’ makes her gag until she throws up..and it’s so hard that she chokes herself. ::sigh::

Usually the only way to really calm her down is to take her out of the crib & rock her. Once she calms down, she’s wide awake & wants to play..and not just for a few minutes…like she’s gone 2 hrs playing before she started getting crabby again! Ugh…I’ve pushed her bedtime back an hour in hopes of making sure she’s REALLY tired and will stay asleep. Didn’t work.

I drag at work & when I get home b/c of the sleep loss…I just wonder how much longer she’s going to go through this! Dennis & I can barely function by the time 9 pm rolls around.

Any thoughts or tricks you’d like to share? We are ALL ears…

But no matter how tired we are…how can you not love this face??

Until Next time..

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Good St. Patrick travelled far, to teach God's Holy Word
And when he came to Erin's sod, a wondrous thing occurred
He plucked a shamrock from the earth and held it in His hand
To symbolise the Trinity that all might understand
The first leaf for the Father
And the second for the Son
The third leaf for the Holy Spirit
All three of them in one.

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Do you remember this post.. Day of Blog Silence for Cohen?

Well it turns out, Cohen is going to be a big brother/guardian Angel b/c his momma, Megan, yea she's mego prego!!

Megan is doing a giveaway from SheShe Made and you should check it out! It's pretty easy to enter - blog, facebook, follow Megan or tweet about the giveaway (or do all of the above for 4 entries!) and you're entered to win a $50 credit from SheShe Made!! Whaaaattt!!??!!

Good luck!!

Until next time..

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What are Cheer Soxx??

The most amazing thing since sliced bread!! For anyone that has a daughter that cheers, what is the worse part of getting ready for comps? Changing their shoes! I HATE changing her shoes. those stupid things are so tight & hard to get on!
Well cheer soxx are covers that go RIGHT OVER their shoes! Whaaaatttt!!?!! {insert Gus from Psych saying this! hehe}
I know right.
Another plus is a portion of every sale goes to Helping Schools Fight Bullying. They are currently running a competition. If you are #200 'liking' their page - you can win a free pair of these.

With Dennis' hours being cut to nothing - winning a pair would be amazing! So...please go to this page & 'like' it & look around - you might find something you like...let me know when you do..i'm watching it closely so I can be #200!!!

Cheer Soxx Facebook Page

Thanks guys!! <3

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordful Wednesday..

Dennis was sent home from work early today, so he had both girls at home & dinner made & on plates when I walked in the door from work tonite. how fantastic is that?!

After dinner, I played with the girls for a little while. Cadence wanted to watch Toy Story 3, so I popped that in the dvd player & she watched that while Bryleigh played w/her popcorn popper & dollhouse, Dennis watched tv & I worked on fundraising stuff for SEA.

Bryleigh’s happiness was quickly going downhill starting around 8. I don’t want her to go to bed earlier than 8:30 b/c she a) doesn’t sleep well or b) gets up ridiculously early, so I was forcing her to stay up with us. She finally had a full on melt down at 8:25 & we quickly dressed her in her pj’s & put her to bed. Poor B!

Cadence & I read a few books & then she changed into her jammies & headed to dreamland w/her sister.

At this point Dennis & I should have gotten up & cleaned the house back up. Instead, we turned out lights throughout the house, went to our room, crawled into bed & here I am blogging, while Dennis reads a book.
The housework will be there tomorrow, but quiet time in this house lasts a very short time between the girls bedtime and us falling asleep.
Tomorrow my mom is having a jewelry party, but it’s going to be at Don Pablos. I will only stop out for a short time & then head home. Friday I have my final sleep study, so I want to get home & get everything ready for Friday.

Hope your week is well and your weekend is better!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

To-Do Wks 60-63

As much as I enjoy having a weekly checklist, I just can’t keep up w/posting them on here. I enjoy posting them on here, b/c it’s nice to go back & see what I’ve accomplished – what can I say, I’m a list nerd! To make my ‘listing’ personality & my ‘time’ both happy, I’m going to make my to-do Tuesdays monthly…they’ll rarely fall on Tuesdays now - but at least I still feel like I’m getting my list in!

I’ll just go in weekly & update it.

Here’s to hoping you’ve gotten a lot check off your list

The list is long - we have a new place…so much to do…but that will be the work in progress list…and I will have towards the top, my appt/everyday lists… The list keeps it straight – no matter how much or how little!

To check out what the to-do is about To-Do Tuesday click on the post-it below...

Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

Weekly Tasks..

2/22 Happy b/day Ryan!
2/22 SEA 5:30-7:30
2/24 Happy b/day Felicity
2/24 Dentist appts for Bry & Cai
2/25 Sleep study @ 8pm
2/26 dentist for me & Dennis
2/26 Leah staying overnite
2/26 Happy b/day Luke!
2/27 SEA 10-12

2/28 Happy b/day Kylee!!
2/28 SEA 5-7
3/4 Monica’s going away party @ 7
3/5 Happy b/day Josh!

3/6 SEA 10:30-12:30
3/6 Pics @ 2
3/7 SEA @ 5
3/8 Happy b/day Terry Bryce
3/9 Cardiologist @ 10:45
3/10 Jewelry party @ 6 @ Don Pablo’s
3/11 C-pap 3/12 Family potluck
3/12 Colin staying the nite
3/12 Happy b/day Omie!

3/13 SEA @ 9-11
3/14 SEA @ 5-7
3/16 Happy b/day Val!
3/17 SEA @ 5:30-7:30
3/17 cpap machine @ 4
3/18 pick up LC pizzas @ 4:30
3/19 Cadence sleepover @ Colins

3/21 Happy b/day Aaron!
3/21 SEA @ 5-7
3/22 SEA @ 5:30-7:30
3/24 SEA @ 5:30-7:30
3/25 Emily staying the nite
3/26 Michele’s 31 party @ 2

3/28 SEA @ 5-7
3/31 SEA @ 5-7
4/2 PPI Screening @ 10:30

In no particular order:

Clean truck
Clean our room

hang curtains in front of washer & dryer

Pull strips/Sand/Clean up/Paint:
our room
our bathroom
laundry room
spare room

Smoke micro stand
Paint our bedroom furniture black
Pick out paint color for our room
Paint light fixture base in B’s room

Build 2 shadow boxes for Cai's cheer stuff

Buy blinds for our bedroom
Buy new light fixture for diningroom
Buy new light fixture for kitchen
Buy new light fixture for above island
Buy matching drawer handles for our dressers
Buy headboard/footboard for our room
Buy Backsplash for the kitchen
Buy new sectional
Estate sales for dining room outfit
Buy black paint for highchair
Buy pic frames
Tile the Bathroom floors
Hardwood in the dining room

Buy hanging plant baskets - WAITING UNTIL THE SPRING
Replace 5 window screen frames...grrrrrr....
Color-match the shutters to paint the front door & trim around shed WAITING UNTIL THE SPRING
Build trash can holder WAITING UNTIL THE SPRING
Paint bench in front yard WAITING UNTIL THE SPRING


Make a Dell Family Est. 2002 plaque for front door