Thursday, March 14, 2013


Bryleigh has been begging me to join cheerleading for....ever???  I had Cadence in competitive cheer when she was 3, but that's b/c the dr suggested it to help her get over her debilitating shyness.  Bryleigh is far from shy.  I had every intention of having them both cheer together, but after Cadence said she didn't want to cheer in the 13/14 season, I was kind of like, ya know what, I'd like a break too!  Of course, 2 months into the season, Cadence regretted it.  To make up for that, I signed her up for tumbling lessons and put Bry in gymnastics.  She LOVES it!  This is just an activity to tide them over until they can cheer in the 14/15 season.

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