Monday, February 25, 2008

Cadence's room & hit skips

I was overly pleased w/myself for getting Cadence's room finished on Sat. It took almost a month, but it was worth it. I told her if she doesn't want to sleep in there I will!


My feelings of accomplishment was replaced Sunday morning by irriation. Dennis was on his wa
y out the door to volunteer at church & found that someone had hit the truck during the nite & really screwed it up! The axle is broken & the hose was torn out of the gas tank & the 52.88 in gas we put in the nite before was spilled all over the ground, sidewalk & street! There was no indication that the police were involved & of course no note saying - sorry for hitting your truck - here's our ins info. haha, I laugh when I think that someone could be that honest!

Dennis called the records dept Monday morn & there was a report made (nice that the police left some sort of indication) & the vehicle that hit us is currently in impound. Apparently the person driving hit the truck & fled. They left the keys in their car. At this point, we're hoping Uncle Jay can help us b/c the hit skip officer told us they have over 400 hit-skips & that they are looking at the THIRD WEEK OF MARCH before they can see us. They are sending a letter to the registered owner of the car & unless they come forward looking for their vehicle, we're basically waiting til March. I'm irritated...
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