Thursday, October 9, 2008

Looking forward to….

The camping trip this weekend that will be w/my dad's family!! I'm so excited - I get to re-meet a cousin that I met when I was like 13 & her kids. Also another cousin that I've never met AND… a newborn baby!!! ::giggles:: I have serious baby fever, maybe he'll give me the fix I need!! You know, except for the whole sharing him w/the other 30 people there thing… ::sigh:: probably only me & Sarah will be arguing over who holds him…but I got some weight on her - I'll take her down! :)
Seriously though..since losing my dad, it's hard to watch some of the family on my mom's side do things w/their dad or their dad's parents. I feel like I'm missing out b/c I don't have my dad or his parents. I hardly see Aunt Sandy. Thankfully, I do get a good Stacey Family fill from Sarah. She's more like a sister than a cousin!!
Anyway…just super excited, so I thought I'd share the joy.
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