Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Looking forward to the weekend

Last evening, Selena & I took Cadence & Nathan to Kroger's for a Halloween Fest. They played games, got their faces painted & got candy. It was fun AND Krogers had some pretty good deals too!
Nathan getting his face painted
Cadence's spider

And, although there isn't anything terribly exciting going on this weekend, I am looking forward to taking Cadence trick or treating. Also, on Sat, Weston (a town about 25 mins away) is going to have a parade, so we're going to take Cadence to that too.

One of the main things about this weekend that I'm looking forward to is sleeping in. I know that's awful, but I truly love it! :)

Cadence has gotten up early the last few weekends OR we're busy, so while I get to sleep later than the work week, it's not as late as I'd like.

I'll keep you updated with any fun & exciting news - but don't expect much!
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