Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter 2012

This is the first time in 7 years Cadence has woke up before me on a Holiday. Usually she's the last one up...and it's usually us waking her up! On Easter, however, she went & checked out the Easter baskets & found most of the eggs before she came to wake us up. Clearly just like her father! The girls LOVED finding eggs. They even found 2 that Bud Bud had started eating - through the shell & everything!! What a moron!

Bud Bud started snacking on this one!

Bryleigh found TWO!

She's been begging for Peeps since they started showing up on grocery store shelves

my life

Bryleigh Bunny

eh - pictures were getting old

look - another 'easy' find

Cadence Bunny
Sarah invited us over for Easter dinner & an egg hunt - so we happily obliged. Seriously - she's the best cook EVER! We had chicken carbonara (homemade!), bread, fruit & muffins. MMM!! The kids LOVED doing the egg hunt...I don't even think it needs to be Easter for this type of hunt..

the kids ready to find eggs
listening to directions from Aunt Sarah
the little ones got to go first

Everybody looking for eggs
Bryleigh made out!
After we left Sarah's - very full & even more tired - we headed to Marge & Dave's to visit. Everyone had already eaten dinner - but his sister stayed for a bit & all the kids played. Marge got an updated picture of her 7 grandkids..
And we left to go to my sisters. The girls played some more & had another smaller egg hunt. By the time we left - 8:30 - I could barely keep my eyes open. A full belly & lots of fresh air did me in! I hope your Easter was as fun & family filled as ours!
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