Friday, April 20, 2012

Fuck C**cer

The filthy word is everywhere...  I can't seem to shield my kids or myself from the word.  I want it to go away - I want a cure to be readily available.

My Uncle Rick was diagnosed w/APL Leukemia about a month ago.  My Aunt M was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 wks ago.  My Auntie R had a masectomy 3 wks ago.  My gramma's best friend, Wendy, a beautiful woman we lovingly refer to as Grandma #2 is full of cancer and was moved to hospice last week. 

The diagnosis for my Aunt M looks good.  They found it in my Auntie R's lymphnodes...still waiting on the prognosis.
My Uncle Rick will be hospitalized for 6 wks at a time - w/a possible 1 wk break at home in between.  During his 9 HOUR blood transfusion he started getting hives, they gave him benadryl through his port - his throat start closing up - his bp dropped - he passed out.
He's 52.

Besides having advanced alzheimers (she's only 63), Wendy now has full blown cancer.  She hasn't eaten in almost a week.  She has a constant drip of morphine.  My Gramma said she seems to be in a coma.

When I climb into bed at the end of the day - I thank God for my healthy family...that I'm healthy... I pray for my family and those I don't know.
I cry...I pray...I cry a little more.  I roll over, wrap my arms around Dennis & fall asleep wishing I could take away the pain of my loved ones.
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