Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Class Treat

So for no known reason, my brother is having seizures.  They start in his sleep and his wife does everything in her power (she's strong, but a tiny little thing) to hold him down and keep him from hurting herself.  He was so bad this morning that she called the rescue squad.  When they came in to get him - he was still seizing and punched the rescue worker while they were trying to get him on the board.
My sister had gone up to the ER previously, when he had went in for seizures, earlier this week.  She witnessed one and said it was so scary.  Tonite, I went up with him and sat and talked to him.  While I was on one side of him, my mom was on the other.  The girls were sitting in chairs at the end of the bed watching tv.  He & I were talking about getting a drink - he said he was thirsty.  I asked him if he wanted pop or juice.  He wasn't answering me.  I assumed he was listening to my mom talk on the phone.  It took only a few seconds to realize he was actually seizing.  My mom grabbed a nurse and within a minute, he was done.  But he has NO recollection of what had happened or what we were even talking about.  It was scary and weird.  When I say he was seizing, I don't mean he was thrashing around..he was looking around, dazed, his jaw was clearly locked and his eyes were blank.
By the time Jenny had gotten back up there, the girls were ready to go.  We said our good-byes and headed home with heavy hearts.
I had promised Cadence we'd do a class treat for Thanksgiving, so when we got home, with a bag full of ingredients, I got to work.  Even if I have to work outside the home, I still want to be able to do some of the cool stuff I see on Pinterest for the girls to take to school. 
While looking for an 'easy' treat for Thanksgiving, I ran across these adorable Turkey Pops.  They weren't exactly quick, but the end result was worth the mess!

Thanks for another great idea Pinterest!

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