Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dennis Visit

Dennis has worked at UPS for almost 10 yrs…he recently decided to get his CDL A.  After graduating from the driving school and becoming licensed, he was hired for an OTR truck driving company.  He is in Columbus for 3 wks for their orientation and training.
We decided to go down to visit for the weekend.  Luckily, we chose a weekend full of free activites!
I had a giftcard for Applebee’s, so after checking into the hotel, we headed over for lunch.
  On the way there, we saw a free Church event, so as soon as we were done eating, we headed over for play time.
I had read about a hot-air balloon festival about 25 mins from the hotel, so that was our next stop.
How awesome is this?  Also, a free event – it included bouncy houses and free art stuff. 
On the way back to the room, we grabbed some pizza and treats.  The girls were pretty worn out from all the activities and crashed shortly after they ate! 
It was great to see Dennis, we miss him so much.  Can’t wait til he’s able to come home!

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