Monday, June 3, 2013

OWE Festival

When we lived in our old house, it wasn't in the best neighborhood, however, it was on the outskirts of the Historic Old West End.  The houses back there are BEAUTIFUL! 

Every evening we would ride our bikes through the OWE looking at all the houses.  I just loved riding back there. 

The first weekend of June is the annual festival.  We return every year to partake in the fun and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. 
If you have a historic neighborhood in your area, my suggestion would be to walk through and enjoy it's beauty and history.  I love to imagine what these houses were once part of and the families that lived there.  They are all historic mansions and thanks to a great neighborhood group and residents, they are being restored to their original beauty...

Once of the best things about the festival is the King Wamba Parade.  It's so much fun!  Miserable City put together a great video of the parade here.  It's a bit long - but believe me, worth the watch!

One of the highlights of the parade was the Detroit Party Marching Band.  They are so freaking cool!  
I wish I could show you the video from after the parade, when they were just chillin in one of the yards and busted out playing...but I can't figure out how to save it to my computer to share it here is one from You Tube..

These houses leave me in awe..

The girls enjoyed walking around looking at the dozens of yard sales...Both slept really well that nite!

I hope that your summer is off to a great start as well!! 

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