Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Teacher Birthday

Previously, I may have mentioned I do not have any creativity…HOWEVER, it appears I may have a little, tiny bit.
When Cadence said to me, ‘Mom, I’m so sad, I didn’t give Mrs. W a b/day gift or card’, I replied w/’ohhh..when was her b/day?’.  She informs me, ‘Oh – it’s tomorrow.’
This was at 9 pm.  Grrrr…I didn’t know what to get her, I had used all the quick and easy stuff on teacher appreciation week.
We went to Walmart the next morning at 7 am, walking the craft aisles, easy gift aisles, etc looking for something quick and easy.
Then I saw the small wooden letters…since blue is her favorite, I quickly found the blue paint…and some cute ribbon…and next to the ribbon were adorable buttons..
I took it to work to get it done on my lunch.  First I spray painted the W blue.  Then I took an old pencil and put white polka-dots on it…I attached the cute ribbon after it was all dry – super glued the adorable daisy buttons and the end result:

The best part – I can say this was alll me!!  Smile

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