Saturday, December 7, 2013

Tornado of Fall 2013

I would have never believed it possible to have a tornado in November..I expect them in the summer, but fall?  On 11/17/13, a tornado ripped through NW Ohio, tearing apart communities still anxious from the tornado that killed 9 3 yrs prior. 
It was scary to hear the wind whipping, defintely stirring up memories from 2010.  They say a tornado never hits the same place twice, but it was pretty close to the exact same path.

A 1/2 mile from our home, there is a Circle K.  The gas island was destroyed, the awning was lying on the ground.

Across from the gas station, in both directions, buildings were destroyed, roofs & sides were torn off.  It's been 2 wks and they're still cleaning debris.

I'm thankful we are all safe and to my knowledge there were no deaths related to this one.  But I'll never doubt Mother Nature's wrath again!

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