Friday, December 6, 2013

You know it's Friday when...

Friday means double therapy day...we have it scheduled so Cai's 2nd day of therapy is on Bry's...saving time on driving to BG is all that matters!  I am able to watch the therapies in the observation room.  I prefer to watch both girls, which means 2 tv's.  Since there are only 4 tvs total, if there are a lot of people there, I'll only watch on 1 tv and flip back and forth.  I don't think there are enough words to sign them the praises they deserve!  They are doing such awesome things with my kiddos!  Bryleigh's speech is 90% intelligible and Cadence is getting A's & B's in school.  I'm so proud of them and am beyond thankful for the therapists they work with, both at BG & at their schools.  They have helped my Bry's speech & Cai's reading tremendously!
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