Monday, February 17, 2014

Birthday Card keepsake

Cadence’s art b/day party was a success!!  She had a blast, we had a blast, her friends had a blast!  I was beyond exhausted when it was over, but seeing the joy on her face was so worth it.  When my cousin’s daughter asked if I would plan her next party (, I knew I did good!

Cadence got so many b/day cards and I hate throwing them all away.  I’ve seen some of my old ones (only ones I’ve managed to save b/c my mom does not have an organizational gene in her body, so none of my childhood cards have ever made it past the next day) and I love the memories that come with them.  I knew she would too..but how to store/display them?  Mine are scattered in various totes around the house…but I remembered seeing something on pinterest where they took those index card type rings, and put them together. 

 I thought a more sturdy way would be to bind them.  Luckily, I have access to one at work as well as to a few damaged combs, so rather than throwing out the messed up combs, I’m saving them for future birthdays/holidays!


Pretty awesome, right??!
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