Saturday, May 3, 2014

Looking forward to a speech summer break…

Today is the last day of speech for both girls..not forever..just for the semester…but they still have the ‘last day of school’ type feeling.  Maybe it’s because it’s their therapists last day?  But either way, we put together a small basket for their therapists.  A small version of the ‘teacher summer survival kit’.

We do appreciate everything they do for our girls. 

Bryleigh’s speech blows us away.  She has come so far in the 1 ½ yrs they’ve been working w/her.  Yes she still needs to attend, but the fact that strangers can understand her is all that matters to me.  I did NOT want to have to worry that there was an emergency and someone trying to help her had no idea what she was saying!

Cadence still has to work extremely hard for her grades, but the therapy she receives at BG…I can’t even place a value on that.  It’s out of this world.  Even now, I get choked up thinking about her 1st grade teacher telling me how Cadence was always going to be behind and since starting 3rd grade at her new school, with the help of her last school and this one and BG, she is kicking butt and taking names! 

It’s hard for me to watch her try so hard and sometimes just not get it.  And frustrating too, b/c what is being said makes sense, but not to her.  I always have to step back and take a couple breaths and realize she’s not going to get it like other kids, there are different ways to teach her.
BG has been detrimental to both of my girls.  My main concern of Bryleigh’s speech has taken a backseat to my concern for Cadence’s learning disabilities.  Thankfully, we have great communication with the students they work with and the instructors overseeing the therapy.   But, not matter how great therapy is, the girls need a break.  It’s hard for them when they’ve went to school all day, get picked up after and drive straight down for 1 hr of therapy.  And usually it’s on a Friday – so they’re pretty burnt out by then.  But, we truck on and they do it with minimal complaining.

To thank the therapists this semester, we put together a ‘Summer Survival Kit’.

It includes sunblock, lip balm, hair ties, lemonaid packets & a water bottle to put it in, and chewy candy all in a cute little basket.

‘Thank you for a Speech-tacular Semester’  to thank you for your work, please enjoy your Summer Survival Kit'
I scoured the interenet for a cute saying for Speech therapists and found when left to my own devices I come up with things like...Speech-Tacular...haha



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