Sunday, March 1, 2015

African Safari

I have always wanted to go to the African Safari in PC.  They happened to be running a special for their season opening day - $5 a car load!  I hurried and bought a ticket, excited to finally go.

Since it was the end of February, the only portion of the park open was the drive through.  We bought some snacks to give the animals and headed through the park. 

It was INSANE.  They come up to you and take the carrots out of your hand, you hold the cup of feed out the window for the animals to eat out of and they spill it everywhere.  One animal took off with the whole cup!  Dennis was pissed.  I was cracking up.

The girls thought it was neat, until a few animals stuck their heads in the window.  Then they started freaking out & huddled together in the middle of the backseat, I laughed at them…until we got to the buffalo.  Then I tried to climb in the backseat with them!  Haha. Like for real – those things were as big as Dennis’ car!! 

Anyway, by the time we actually got done, I realized I had been holding my breath.  It was a bit nerve wracking having these ginormous animals crowded around your car for treats. 

We are all looking forward to going again when the rest of the zoo opens back up.  Until then, we will be working on cleaning off buffalo drool from the car.  Ick!

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