Friday, April 24, 2015


Dear Whitney,

Happy 21st birthday! 

Life is funny, right?  I was so thankful that you were brought back into our lives...and then ecstatic when you joyfully shared Lenyx with us.  And then, just like 9 yrs ago, you were gone....thousands of miles away... <insert my broken heart>

I do understand...but here I am...missing another milestone birthday...and it makes me sad.

But you have so much to celebrate!  Beautiful Lenyx, a new home, being close to your parents and of course, the impending arrival of Baby Chris! 

You have grown so much and you have such a beautiful little girl.  I hope that today, especially today, you get what you want.  You deserve so much.  Much more than I could ever give you.

Happy 21st Birthday Baby Girl.

We miss you...I think of you every day and pray for you always.

Dennis, Missy, Cadence & Bryleigh
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