Sunday, October 18, 2015

Happy 6th b/day Duchess!

Even though Bryleigh turned 6 back in August, she really wanted to have a Halloween b/day party.  I, also, thought that sounded like a lot more fun than another summer one.  So, we set out to have a spooky celebration.

I went to pinterest for some fun ideas.

I have a huge tote of crafts, so I was able to use a lot of that…I found a lady to make an awesome cake and it was comparable to a plain, old sheet cake. 
I didn’t spend a lot in decorations, I had a lot from the previous year..I really only used orange & black table cloths on the tables & made a photo backdrop.  Saved money & stress!

Bryleigh & her cousins
The crafts I laid out were simple & basic.  I did the popsicle stick scarecrow/Frankenstein/witch and ghosts from cotton balls.

 For the popsicle stick craft, I glued the popsicle sticks together before the party and also painted the green ones.  The kids only had to cut construction paper to make a witch hat, Frankenstein or scarecrow.  There were googly eyes too!  I also glued magnets on the back to hang on the fridge!

Here is a link to the website I found it on:  Frankenstein  & Scarecrow
I had copied a ghost outline on some paper & laid those out for the kids to cut and glue cotton balls.  Cotton ball ghost template...

We had a cupcake/cookie/brownie decorating station.  We donated them to the fire dept.  One little girls was eating all the sprinkles that fell on the table – haha!
We played candy corn bingo, too.  There were quite a few girls from her cheer team there, so we had a lot of cheering & stunting going on!  It was insane, but fun!  There was also a costume contest.  An adorable Minion from her class won!


There was a spooky lunch...and lots of kids! 
Since we are at the age of 'drop off' parties, something new I did this time was had a couple (multiple arrivals could sign in at once) sign in sheets to list parents name, phone # & any allergies their child may have. 

 I have an amazing family and quite a few of them stayed after to help clean up.  I was so appreciative of that!  Do you go crazy with your kiddos b/day parties?
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