Sunday, June 26, 2016

A house doesn't make the home

Back when I wrote this post, in 2008, I knew that house would not be our forever home.  There was no way I could send my children to Toledo schools.  At that time, they were failing and I wanted more for Cadence.  Even when Whitney lived with us, I sent her to a charter school, rather than TPS. 

But...that house...I LOVED that house.  It was built in 1901 and had BEAUTIFUL woodwork.  The banister made my heart melt the first time we walked in.  The pocket doors and gorgeous floors were things I dreamed of.  I used to sit quietly in the living room and imagine the people who lived here in the early 1900's.  What the house looked like at that each room must have been decorated.  I love history.

When we lost that house, due to Westhaven, I was devastated.  Yes, I knew we weren't going ot live there forever, BUT I hadn't planned on losing all our money on an investment we didn't know was illegal. 

When I got a text yesterday, from a friend of mine, that it was on fire and probably wouldn't make it, my heart sank.  I may not live there anymore, but had great memories and knew the inside was beautiful...or at least had been at one time. 
We decided to drive over and take a look.

My eyes teared up as I watched, my once dream home, being ravaged by flames.  As we were driving up Detroit Ave to Central, the smoke, about 10 blocks away, was overwhelming.  As we approached the intersection, which was blocked off, the scene was something out of a movie.  the smell was horrid.

I went up behind one of the buildings across the street from the house and watched as the firemen put out the raging fire.  My eyes teared up.  No, we don't live there, no, I hadn't planned on living there forever...and no, my memories were not destroyed with the flames...but a piece of my heart was tied to that house.  It was the first 'real' house we bought.  It was where we brought Whitney home, it was where Cadence took her first steps and fell in love with 'Popper' (Harry Potter). 

This home was where Dennis & I rested our weary bodies after working all day and dreamed of our future.  It housed many foster dogs & cats until they found their forever homes.

So, I KNOW this house wasn't ours anymore and hadn't been for 8 yrs, but that didn't make me love it any less.

Thank you, 'big white house' for amazing memories and sheltering us for the 4 years we lived there.

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