Monday, July 25, 2016

Cleveland Cavaliers Cheerleaders tumbling clinic

Earlier this month, Bry's coach posted an upcoming clinic with the Cavaliers cheerleaders and suggested any girls able to attend, should.  Val & I signed Bella & Bry up, thinking it was in Cleveland.  The day before it was pointed out the clinic was actually being held in Columbus.  Ugh..

We left early in the am, driving through the NEVER ending construction down 75S.  Once we arrived, we signed the girls in and left.  It was INSANELY crowded in the gym, and we were both hungry.  We stopped at McD's a few miles down the road and headed back to the gym to eat.  We sat in the car for awhile, avoiding the chaos inside.  Finally, we headed in to get a look at what was happening.

They had a bunch of different stations set up for the girls to practice at.  Bry was working hard on her back handspring. 
One of the other stations was for flying.  She LOVED this one.  look at the smile!  :)

Val & I were in the viewing area for about 10 mins.  It was all I could handle.  The smell was awful.  Like old sweat and...I don't even know.  I just know it was making me nauseous! 

Once they were done tumbling, the Cavalier Cheerleaders did a short routine for the kids.  They were AMAZING!  The one guy went crazy high during his full twist. 

They got CheerMaxx backpacks, a cup, a pair of sunglasses and Cleveland t-shirts! 

We were happy to head home.  After a stop at McD's (for the girls) & Chipotle (for Val & I), we drove straight home and Bry & I climbed into my bed and fell asleep!!  I was not a happy camper when Dennis woke me up an hour later, but it was a good thing he did since it was only 5:30 and I would have never been able to get to bed that evening, otherwise.

While it was a great learning experience for her, if it is offered again in the future, I don't think she will partake.  It was much too far of a trip for 3 hrs of a clinic. 

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