Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Mornings are overrated!

The girls definitely get it from me.  I am NOT a morning person.  Sure, I can fake it…but deep down, my disgust for cheery people in the morning blackens my soul.  Every smile I receive, as I walk into work, is like nails on a chalkboard.  I just want to say, why, why are you so happy?  Don’t you know it’s only 7:45 in the morning?  And we are entering work – that’s like a double hit.  But no, I go w/the flow and offer my biggest smile back…and a cheery ‘Good Morning’ & then I turn my head & scowl.  Ugh.


So this am, when I was getting ready to take a shower and overheard Cadence say to Bryleigh “QUIT LOOKING AT ME!”, I couldn’t even tell her not to be mean b/c she’s not a morning person & she comes by it honestly!  It’s 7 am – don’t stare at me – don’t even turn your head in my general direction.  As a matter of fact, leave the room.  

But, the mom in me knew her attitude was unnecessary, so I did tell her to be nice and for them not to argue.   Minutes later, I heard Bry say “Come on, how long does it take to brush your hair”.  So, also, clearly not a morning person. 


Three women, none of whom like mornings…one that already menstruates, two that will in the near future…  Can you imagine how much Dennis is going to enjoy his mornings in about 7 years when all 3 of us are up early and on our periods?  HAHAHAHA.  His life is going to suck.

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