Sunday, September 25, 2016


About a month ago, I rec'd an invite to my friend, Andrea's, 30th surprise birthday party.  After emailing her sister and asking if anything was needed, she reached out a few days later and asked if the girls would decorate some poster boards and if they wanted to meet Andrea at the end of the driveway and 'drive' her up to the house on the golf cart.  I said 'Yes!  They would love it!' and they did.
The spent about an hour decorating pink poster boards.  Adding A LOT of glitter b/c, duh, Andrea loves sparkles! 
We got to the house, the signs were taped to the golf cart and we anxiously awaited the call that she was on the way.
When the phone finally rang, the girls jumped on the cart with Stacy and drove down the long driveway from her parents home to the road.  When Andrea & her b/f pulled into the driveway, the surprise was real!  She was shocked.  She switched places with Stacy and (very teary eyed) rode up the house, with both sides of the drive lined up with her friends yelling surprise.
The girls loved every second of it and couldn't wait to drive the golf cart a little more.

Andrea's family is like extended family and they are all so wonderful to my girls.  Her mom, Debbie and aunts talked with the girls and let them drive them around on the golf cart.

In the weeks leading up to her party, I was searching for the perfect gift.  She was turning 30 and it had to be as awesome as her.  Her house is decorated so pretty and her hobbies are concerts and traveling (she had just gotten home from a trip to Greece the weekend before).  What could I find for her? 
I was in Kirklands and ran across a BEAUTIFUL, framed photo of Greece.  It couldn't have been more perfect!

I excitedly purchased the picture and counted down the days until her party.  While, I would never normally buy something that is a. so large & b. a wall decoration (b/c everyone's taste is different), I was drawn to this one.  I felt like she would appreciate it, not only b/c she had just gotten home from a week in Greece, but also b/c she's 1/2 Greek!

She said she loved it and couldn't wait to hang it.  That made me so happy.  She has been an amazing friend and all I wanted was something that was perfect for her.

Happy 30th Andrea.  I hope your next 30 are even more amazing.  We love you!

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