Thursday, November 6, 2008


I will only briefly touch on one of the biggest events in recent history - The NEW President - Barack Obama. How exciting to be a part of history - how exciting to look forward to the changes he is bringing to office. I had a bumper sticker on my myspace page "Too Poor to Vote Republican", but I felt it should say, "Too Smart to Vote Republican". My life has been turned upside down b/c of a republican & I am ready to sing from the trees that we have a democrat in there!
The NKOTB concert was AMAZING! We had an absolute blast & my love for Donnie has returned 10-fold! :)
We had a blast trick or treating. On Friday Selena & I took Cadence & Nathan & we ended up in Aunt Vicki's neighborhood & went with Alan, Jenny, Colin, Angie, Matt & Heaven. It's so nice to do it w/family b/c we all watch each others kids.
On Sat, Selena, Dennis & I took Nathan & Cadence to Weston, OH & they did a little more trick or treating - it was fun. It's a VERY small town & they had a community room & you could go in & have hot dogs & pop & side dishes - FOR FREE & relax. It was REALLY nice. Everyone there was so kind & welcoming. We really did have a good time.
Cadence continues to do well in pre-school & loves going every morning and Malachai is doing well in kindergarten.
Not really a lot to report here - going to the Toledo Christian Open House this weekend with the goal of entering Cadence. She loves going to the kids room at Church & is constantly singing about God when we leave, how wonderful would it be to give her that as an everyday environment?!
For now that's all I have to report - Be well & talk to you soon!
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