Thursday, April 22, 2010

Parent's Nite...

This evening is brought us one step closer to Cadence starting her school career. Ugh... I'm excited for her, b/c she is THRILLED. I think that's awesome. I want her to look forward to school. At the same time, I'm sad b/c this is a big step toward her independence. I mean obviously, she's not heading out to get a job & look for a new place to least I don't think she is...but it's a big milestone for her & for mommy!

The meeting was informative & I'm so happy that we moved into such a great school district. I have no doubt she'll receive an amazing education!

This weekend is going to be great - visiting w/Aunt Rebecca tomorrow, Dennis gets inducted into the honor society Saturday & pictures w/all the grandkids on Sunday!

until later..have a great day!

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