Tuesday, April 27, 2010

To-Do Tuesday Week 15

Tried to get a lot done this weekend, but w/the rain, mostly just relaxed..it was just that kind of weekend!

Hope you accomplished a lot & were able to get a lot checked off your list this week!

PS. The list is long - we have a new place…so much to do…but that will be the work in progress list…and I will have towards the top, my appt/everyday lists…

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Crazy Adventures in Parenting To-Do Tuesday

In no particular order:
4/21 - Call Erica to wish her Happy Birthday!
4/22 - Parent's day - eek...one step closer to Cai starting school!
4/23 - Aunt Rebecca is in town! Stop in for a visit!
4/24 - Dennis inducted into the Honor Society @ school!!! So PROUD of my husband!
4/24 - Cadence has a playdate @ Skyler's

4/29 - Email Tiff for her b/day
4/29 - Pizzapopolis for Tiff's b/day dinner
4/30 - Email Brian & Matt & wish them happy birthday!
5/1 - Email Uncle Butch to wish him Happy Birthday!
5/2 - Call Randi & email Sierra to wish them Happy Birthday!

Invite Ahrianna over this weekend

Help Cadence practice writing & memorizing our phone # IN PROGRESS

Order Mom's mother's day gift
Buy Tiff's b/day gift


Make shopping list

Grocery shopping {bleh!}

Pay bills {bigger bleh!}

Fix hinge on micro cart
Take greenery off cupboards
Move hope chest to living room
Organize cai's clothes
Organize b's clothes

Make & stick to Cadence sleeping all nite in her bed IN PROGRESS
Make & stick to a nitetime routine for both girls IN PROGRESS
Make & stick to an evening routine that includes working out IN PROGRESS

Yoga in the am - IN PROGRESS

Go through pictures - pitch old frames, decide which to hang - buy new frames as needed

Clean van
Clean truck
Clean driveway
Clean register in Cai's bathroom

Fix front door screen
Fix big screen
Fix 2 drawers of Cai's dressers
Re-plant grass
Plant flowers in front around tree
Turn dirt in flower bed
Add fertilizer
Organize shed
Buy tree for yard
Buy hanging plant baskets
Buy matching landscaping rock when it's on sale
Buy gallon RL smoke
Buy new sectional
Estate sales for dining room outfit
Find kitchen table
Buy TR paint for kitchen
Build 2 shadow boxes for Cai's cheer stuff
Build trash can holder
Buy 2 more Kitchen chairs

Replace front window screen frame

Antique papertowel holder
Smoke micro stand
Antique hope chest
Smoke book stand
Smoke micro cart
Antique Kitchen table & chairs
Pick out paint color for Dining room
Pick out paint color for Cai's room
Pick out paint color for B's room
Pick out paint color for our room

Pull strips/Sand/Clean up/Paint:
Hall Bathroom
Cai's room
B's room
our room

Hang lite fixture in B's room
Hang lite fixture in Cais' room
Paint Cadence's dressers
Paint B's dressers
Buy curtains for kitchenette
Buy tulle for Cadence's valance
Buy blinds for Cai & Bry's rooms
Buy bedding for Cai's room
Buy new bedding/curtains for our room
Buy new light fixture for diningroom

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