Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hope Chest

Somehow my mom came into possession of 2 hope chests. One given to her by a friend of the family & the other we're not sure of.
She gave me the latter.

It was oak & the top was in bad shape.

I tried to decided if i wanted to sand it, fix the top & re-stain...or do what drives Dennis crazy & paint it.

Painting won.

I primed it, painted it white & then smoked it w/Ralph Lauren faux aging glaze in a smoke color.

I then went to Walmart, bought 2 yds of clearanced fabric w/a fringe & quilt stuffing. Came home, laid the fabric over the top, folded the sides under (to hide the edging, which would have had to be sewn otherwise - YUCK!) stapled the fabric into place, put the stuffing in & voila - i'm done!

yay me! :)
til next time...

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