Sunday, July 11, 2010

I prefer...

I saw this list & thought it would be fun to do thanks for the idea Megan!

I prefer sonic over other fast food
I prefer green lights over red ones
I prefer home alone 1 over home alone 2
I prefer my hair dark rather than light
I prefer riding and not driving
I prefer fresh flowers over fake
I prefer blogging than writing in an journal
I prefer snow over ice
I prefer not wearing socks
I prefer being cold versus being hot
I prefer diet pepsi over diet coke
I prefer kraft mac & cheese
I prefer overcast (not rain) over sunshine
I prefer super target over walmart
I prefer ground turkey and not ground beef
I prefer waking up early more often than not
I prefer NCIS over any other show on tv
I prefer reading blogs rather than news articles
I prefer the old 90210 and not the new
I prefer to take pictures versus trying to remember everything
I prefer no speed bumps over any
I prefer wood floor over tile
I prefer not drying my hair
I prefer to deny that my metabolism is slowing down versus eating less
I prefer candles over air freshener
I prefer driving my car until it quits versus a car payment
I prefer working out at home
I prefer google over search engines I’ve used before
I prefer ice coffee over hot coffee
I prefer when people at least try to be "greener" than they use to be
I prefer fresh veggies over canned
I prefer that my children do not eat “real” food until after their 1st b/day
I prefer that my children do not eat peanut butter until after their 2nd b/day
I prefer that my children do not have pop until after their 3rd b/day
I prefer snowy days that cripple local travel then snow that just wets the pavement

til next time...
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