Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How we spent our 2011 holidays..

The last few months have been crazy. Between w/my broken heel, Dennis’ motorcycle accident that led to a broken leg & two blood clots, switching Cai’s school b/c her teacher was negative about Cadence’s school work, getting Bry’s speech evaluated, blogging was basically non-existent. As long as I keep waking up early, I thought I’d take some time to blog about Cai’s school change, Thanksgiving & Christmas 2011.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun – we got up – watched the Macy’s Parade, cooked dinner & had my family over. The kids had a lot of fun & we were all exhausted by the end of the night!

I’ve always been really worried about Cadence & any learning disabilities she may/does have. Her speech was/is an issue, she’s not at a 1st grade level in language and I worry about that stuff. I expressed concern to her teacher about 6 wks into the school year. She blew me off saying by the 1st of the year it would ‘click’. 6 wks later she tells me she’s worried about Cai and how behind she is. WHAT?!! You couldn’t have contacted me before this? Now we’re into mid-Nov. Come on!!! I was flipping out. When I asked what I could do – she blew me off again saying ‘she’ll always be behind & in intervention.’ Unacceptable. If she’s going to be behind and NOTHING will change that – FINE. BUT I won’t sit by and just let her be behind – we will put any & all resources available to work for her.
I contacted the local Catholic school two days later & the Monday after Thanksgiving, she started a new school.
She LOVES it there. The first few weeks were rough – besides a much earlier start (she has to catch the bus @ 6:55 instead of 8:15) and being the new kid (she has a really hard time w/change & adjustment anyway), I expected that. She continued to tell me she wanted to go to 2nd grade at her old school – but she’s now excited about going to 2nd grade here!
I prayed and cried and prayed some more. I knew God would put her where she belonged. I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

Christmas Eve was the traditional evening at Marge’s. First we went to Mass, then to her house, had dinner & opened gifts. When we got home, the girls opened their Christmas Eve gift from us…matching pj’s for Christmas morning.

We sent them outside to leave treats for the reindeer…
The next morning – both girls were excited to see what Santa brought them. They were both happy w/all the loot…it took 2 days to clean up…haha..no really – it did.

We went to my sister’s for dinner – it was nice. We usually host – but she just moved into a house & was excited to be the one to do dinner. I was too – w/our foot/leg issues, hobbling around to make a big dinner sucks.

For the New Year, we went to my friend Selena’s house. She & her husband are getting divorced and so I thought company would be nice. We left around 10:30 (Bryleigh was beat) & got home around 11:15. We put Bry to bed – Cadence, Dennis & I stayed up & watched the ball drop. Everyone was in bed & asleep before 12:30…that’s just how we roll in my house – ha!

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