Thursday, February 9, 2012


He’s been with us since he was 6 months old…he’ll be 10 in May. He’s my boy. He can break your heart when he hangs his head…he can drive you crazy when he counter surfs (yep – 110 lbs never slowed him down!) and he truly is better than any electric blanket we’ve ever used!
Yesterday the vet told us he has cancer. My heart broke. He has this large lump on his leg – he’s gotten them before…it’s a build-up of fluid on his joints. The last time it was drained (Apr ’11) he was 102 lbs. Down 8 still but still about 20 over.
Yesterday he weighed 79 lbs. And the rate and size that the growth grew this time was alarming. Even the vet was taken aback at how large it was this time.

She started to draw it out & it was blood. She looked at it under a scope & concluded my boy has cancer.

He has surgery next week to have the mass removed. We’re not going to do further testing on him. We talked about it last nite and came to the conclusion that even if we could do radiation, I’m not going to put him through that. He’s 10 yrs old. He’s still active, this mass has NEVER slowed him down (see above counter surfing!) and I don’t want treatments to age him.
Dr. F feels that just having it removed will be all he needs. And even that isn’t necessary, the concern to leaving it is if it continues to grow – it could split open, which is very painful.
So if you could say a prayer for my boy, I sure would appreciate it.
He holds this family’s heart in his 79 lb body…

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