Friday, February 3, 2012

On your mark, get set…PARTY!!

Tomorrow is Cadence’s 7th b/day party. Not only am I NOT prepared, there is no excitement or energy available for the prepping.
I’ve been getting up early every day this week…for no reason – just waking up early. I mean – early. Tuesday I was up @ 3:55. Two days I woke up at 4:45. I mean, come on…can I get 6 hrs of sleep please!
Cadence opening a gift on her actual b/day!

I was extremely bummed when the lady who has done Bry’s 2 cakes called me & said she couldn’t do Cai’s. It was my fault. Dennis getting diagnosed w/DVT’s, my foot, cheer practice & Bry’s speech testing have taken over my life. I just kept forgetting to call her with the final details.

I’m going to TRY to make her a cake. It’s a LaLa Loopsy theme – so it shouldn’t be too hard. I have no doubt it will be edible..I’m just hoping it’s pretty too. I’m not really into treat bags to go home – I don’t like when the girls get them & I don’t like giving them. They seem like a waste of $. All those little trinkets end up in the trash w/in days of the party. I’m going to make button cookies & tie them together w/ribbon. I also am thinking of making a punch wall (nothing like waiting until.the.very.last.minute.) and put like little candy bars in it..maybe a pencil or small box of crayons.

She really wanted an ipod touch – but I can’t bring myself to spend that much $ when she doesn’t take very good care of her DS. I did find a used one on ebay for $60…I think I will give her that & Bryleigh a leapfrog tab in their Easter baskets.
Her present is new bedding for her bunkbeds, a new lamp for her nite stand & a few other little pieces for her room.

Speaking of beds – Bryleigh is now in her ‘big girl’ bed! She’s been sleeping in it almost a week & is doing GREAT. The first 2 nites/naps were a bit of a test – but after realizing we weren’t joking, she doesn’t push and falls to sleep as perfectly as she did in her crib! Yay Bug!

Wish me luck tomorrow – I’m hoping I’ll get a shot of energy to finish everything up. Two more days until I announce the winner to the Movie Pack!

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