Monday, June 18, 2012

RIP Bud Bud

When we first picked out a kitten for Bryleigh, we picked out a small male, which we named Bud-Bud.  He was cuddly, but very food aggressive.  It was obscene, actually, the way he tried to get food from us.
After he bit Bry in the mouth trying to get food out of it, we decided to get a different kitten.
So, off to my brothers we went, gave him Bud-Bud & took Maizey (fka Too). 
Bud-Bud enjoyed hanging out w/his brothers & sister again...he played all day long - cuddled at nite and still liked table food.
Alan's friend watned a kitten & so, Alan gave him Bud-Bud.  He was doing great & getting big & enjoying his attention.  Then one nite, they called Alan & said that he was breathing funny & they didn't know what was wrong.  Within the hour, Bud-Bud had passed away.

I feel terrible and think that maybe if we had just kept locking him up while we ate, he would still be alive.

See you at the bridge...

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